Day time helper needed in end Oct

I am currently looking for a day time helper for a month (end oct2012 till end nov 2012) in Ampang area.

I need a helper to do house chores like cleaning the house, scrubbing toilet, laundry, ironing, dish washing and nevertheless help my MIL out in fishing things upstairs for me during confinement.

Working hour from 7.30am to 5pm for period of a month.

Please if you have aunts or relative or anybody that I could use, please email me. Lyncpf [at] gmail [dot] com

Terima kasih banyak banyak! Super urgent and head ache this matter!

Reading since young

So often we hear or see message conveying importance of reading, good to cultivate reading since young. Why is reading important? Why why why? Okay. Don’t care, but it’s a good habit and definitely good hobby. So no harm read to my boys since young as much as I can.

This is not to compare ya. My friend daughter who was a month youngEr than Manfred started reading at age 30mths. Cause the school that she attend teach them how to read. I didn’t mind cause I assume Manfred would know how to read at 1point. Mind you He can’t even recognize his own name till now.

And this year kindie start giving books with MEMO attached asking us to read to them and teach them to read. And I realize he is really kinda lack in this area. Don’t get me wrong, he has his strength in other areas, good memories when comes to anything car related. But as a mum I do have responsibility to help him in his area of “needing help” right?

So I bought a whole set of Usbourne very first reading series. We starts to read every single night, sometimes in afternoon too. I find that he doesn’t quite look at the words. He keeps focusing on the picture only. So after a while, he could recite the story to me when I turn to respective page. But he cant read the word yet.

After a week, now he can recognize some of the words in the stories, sometimes need a little time to remember. Is it normal that he just interested in the pix? It’s like He is memorizing instead of trying to recognize the words. I find the series helpful. He gets excited when I tell him we gonna do reading. And he will read with me now. At least it become a fun activities.

I need advise, how do you read to your chidren? Any tips how to help them to read independently? Please please share with me. I still have Jude that I could use some tips so I can teach him to read early. Helps much appreciated!

How much you pack?

Whenever I am about to go travel, I get little anxiety attack. I don’t want to over pack, yet I am worried I might miss out something extremely important.

Hub don’t participate in packing at all. “ZERO”. and if you miss out something important to him, he will say :”how come you never pack this this this….” *roll eye balls*

2adult 2kids for 4D3N, this is what I packed. 1 large 1medium(half full) luggage. That’s all…. Did I over packed?

And how much you normally pack? Any tips to share on packing for vacation?


Lately I have been so stressed out with my boys. Manfred wailed loud over every tiny weeny thing. Jude cling to me like a 24hours koala. And he purposely cling to me when I have something to do. When I am absolutely FREE for him, he happily run about and do not want me to carry him.

Scenario 1: I was blowing my hair after bath. He  hug my thighs and repeatedly say “Mummy..mummy… mummy..” accompanied by some indian dance move too…. So I gave in and stop whatever I was doing. The moment I keep away my hair dryer, HE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scenario 2: Just finish bathing Manfred, towel drying Manfred, apply lotion and ya da ya da… During the whole process, Jude just keep on hug my neck and make sure he stands between myself and Manfred. (With my dad presence and being witness) I told my dad if he believe me that Jude will flee the moment I am done dressing Manfred…True enough, Once it’s done, HE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he always wants me to carry him, play with him, sit beside him whenever I am about to eat, shower… Means I cannot do anything except just sit and follow him around.. Siao bo?

Anyhow I am stressed.. Today I decided to be just a puppet to both of them. So Manfred wailed, I don’t yelled at him or ask him to stop. I just look at him, and wait for him to ready to stop crying.  When Jude cling to me I just let him be… I just put everything behind and them FIRST for the whole day… Am I lucky or coincidence or I really don’t spent enough time with them? Today in fact is a breeze… Minimal tantrum and I am not stress at all.

I guess whatever it is, I am just gonna try to be more patience.  mummies out there, does your kiddos do that???? ANy advice to share?

Can we love our child equally??

Hub always say I favor Manfred. He mention on few occasion but I never bother about it. Then one fine day I asked why he always say I favor M?

Hub say I snap more pics of Manfred. I bring Manfred for more outing than Jude. Honestly, I do enjoy outing with Manfred more cause he take car seat and stroller. I bring him out and I could see joy in his eyes when I stroll him in a mall or park or any place……

With Jude he just screams when I put him in stroller, car seat or high chair. I bring maid along in car ride and he stills scream for me to carry him throughout whole journey. Outing with Jude become not enjoyable not because I don’t get to shop or sit in Starbucks sipping my cuppa coffee, it is because it hurts me so much to see my baby crying and yelling while he could be so happy be home with me while I just carry him walk around the house.. Just so long he is in my arms, he is happy, secured and thriving.. Tell me, if you are the mom, would you do it the other way round?

After I gave birth to Jude, hub once told me that his colleague asked him a question.. “can you love 2 different kids exactly the same?” the colleague said “We cannot love 2 different kids exactly the same way, cause they are different, they are to be loved each in unique way……..”

Yes, that is why I have to tell hub, I do not love J more or love M less…. I love them the same, just in different way.

Manfred enjoy posing for me, Jude enjoy sitting on my lap while seeing kor kor poses on the screen…… So that’s why M=model, J=photographer….

Manfred love going to mall and just sit on stroller, so I bring him to mall; Jude enjoy running wild at park playing with sand and get dirty, so I let him lie down on field despite he just out from shower…

Mummies out there, what is your opinion??? Mummy with more than 1 kiddo, how do you love your children differently?? Mummy with 1 kiddo now, how you pictured your life when no2, or. 3 come along??

Question to be answered by you..

I have Question, or maybe Questions..

Q1 When you put your kids on booster or high chair for meal time, how they behave? Do they resist at first, and settle after realize it’s meal time?

Q2 When they like the food that is offered? Do they keep bugging for next spoon? and complain by making sound if you are not fast enough?

Q3 Do they sit “quietly” and “nicely” wait to be fed or keep banging on the table to show his excitement?

I asked cause I see many friends’ kiddos sit quietly on high chair, enjoy their food, as much as they enjoy, they rarely make loud sound…. and they really so into the food that they just eat and eat and eat… Mine is like make big “hu HA” when eating.. Did I spoilt my boys?