One after another

*sending SOS signals*

*raise white flag*

*buried my head in pillow and cry*

N just recover from tonsillitis, his fever is 90% gone but the clingy episode remains.

J fever started since Friday and its spiking 39degree. Caught the bug from his baby brother. He loses his voice and appetite.

M complained mild throat ache, cough a little, but still eats well and very active.

I’m mega tired…… With 2 sick kiddos and pretty much the matter of time when M gonna hop on the “not well” wagon…

Welcome to motherhood…..




*touch wood*

He rarely fall ill…. Once kena his fever was spiking high and I got shocked! Nearly rushed him to ER… I didn’t sleep well the whole night!

Doc diagnosed him with tonsillitis. No wonder his appetite was bad last few day! After visit to paed, I gave him aloclair spray before feeding him and it work. He ate his usual portion..

I hope fever comes down and we don’t need review.

He enjoys trying on hats!! Lol

Hang on!

Time passes real too soon! Xmas week is coming, and people were told that we will have no sunlight for thos xmas, if not the world gonna end real soon….

World end or not, life goes on! I don’t want the school holiday to end so soon! Although we Didn’t go many places this holiday, we been enjoying family time bonding a lot! Except this week the boys takes turn to fall sick and I am super worried for this vcoming weekend we are quite packed with Parties, brunch and dinners to attend.
So boys, get well soon and “stay away from Nate please!!!!” (They just love their bb bro so much they can’t resist cuddling him, and I feel bad having to stop them..)

Who says Dragon year good?!

Well, it hasn’t been a great start for us in term of health issue. In Friday Manfred develop rash on whole body plus mild fever. Followed by a paed visit for Jude cause he also developed fever and suffer from constipation. He was given enema plus some cough, cold and fever syrup.

I expect them to be on their way to recovery. However they both seem to be fine one day and got worst the other.

We had to bring Jude to clinic on first day of CNY at 4pm, he was given suppository and his throat was swelling. He was prescribe with augmentin too.

On 2nd day I had to lug a lot of stuffs along as we have 2places to visit before I could go back to my parents place for 2nights. 2nd night Manfred’s turn to develop again another fever.

HELP!!!!! As I am typing this, it’s the 3rd day, and I have decided to just stay home and have steamboat session as planned.. I want the boys to rest as much as they could to recuperate. No more visiting! Until they are all well again!

18SX – Manfred

See what I have to deal with? On a friday which CNY is so close. It started off with a very mild fever on Thursday night. Friday morning became rash on neck area.

So he skipped school, whereby Jude went school as usual. Manfred napped for 2 hours and by 5pm I realize the rash EXPLODE AND SPREAD TO WHOLE BODY!!! HORROR!!!!!! Hub brought him to clinic. Doc suspect is food allergy. But I don’t think we have fed him anything he never had before!! Anyhow he has fever and itch and rash. He seems better after medication. Let’s hope he will be well again by Sunday.


Remember I was feeling nausea on day2 in HK? I was feeling very hungry last night, but I didn’t want to
Eat supper.

I woke up feeling nausea…. Pretty much feel like due to starvation. I almost passed out on the way back from dropping Manfred to school.

Got home I fall asleep immediately. Feel very gassy and keep burping. What’s wrong with me? Age catching up??????