Embarrassing moment of motherhood

It says human need their “face” just like trees need skin to survive.

During my motherhood experience,
There are incidents that brought by mu boys which at that moment, i was so close to denying they are my kids in public. I encounter endless embarrassing moment along with tones and tones of joys…. Few of the embarrassing plus Impression making incident was:-

Incident 1 – I pat on my bolster in the middle of the night thinking it was Manfred.

Incident 2 – I brought Jude to clinic when it was actually Manfred due date for immunization.

Incident 3 – Manfred poop in my hand and pants while I unbutton his pants to let him poop in LCCT.

Incident 4 – similar poop incident, Jude was on my lap at mamak, and he poop on my laps, pants, his pants and floor. Mega smelly, mega messy mega embarrassed! Thank lord we were only 5min away from home. And we became close acquaintance with the mamak owner. :p

What’s yours? Any embarrassing moments you experience as mother?

Car broke down…

Today started off like any other day. Make bed, shower, feed the kids, make them poop, change them etc and off we go to school at 10.15am. Manfred and I yak like usual and when we are 3minutes drive from school, I was making a turn into a row of shops and suddenly my car break down like a robot that battery suddenly went FLAT. nothing is responding, and not even my hazard light could work. I was really worried that people will not notice and run into us… But thank Lord as we really just turn into a not so busy big road and I was just meter away from a very nice shaded spot to stop my car.

Think Think Think. I have Manfred with me, whom is almost late for his class. (But that is not the point, I wouldn’t want to hang out by road side fixing car with him as I know these days anything bad could happen. Was a little upset as I planned to go to work earlier to finish up my work.

Called hub, and later hub told me to call up the mechanics. Mechanics told me just get tools from boot and knock on the battery connection after hearing my description on how the car went DEAD on ME!! Well, I figure since it will probably take min or it could take hours for the prob to be fixed and no one knows. I decided I will hail a cab(or some kind hearted good Samaritan to give us a ride to school, which is really just mins away)

*Blush* I approach a young couple only to regret again COZ he freaked out AS IF I AM A CONNED WOMAN WHOM USE A TODD AS MY camouflage TO COMMIT CRIME!!! Finally I walked to a busier road and hail a taxi. 3min and RM3 poorer we arrived at school. A aunt whom drop her grand daughter to school smile at me at the school gate like she know what happened to me to arrive school in a taxi. I send M to his class and leave school compound.

The aunt was still outside the school, I asked if she could offer me a ride, she said yes willingly and as if she waited there and expecting me to ask for help already. I tell you, I really can’t thank her enough for being so kind, and stood by there waiting to offer me help… *Sniff* so touched as after meeting the young couple earlier, I really succumb to the idea that the world is”COLD”.. and no one ever gonna willing to help me.

How wrong WAS I! There are kind people out there. REally there are…. I am grateful for this incident that I know we are blessed and God is watching us every single minutes. Despite my car broke down, It happened at a place, at time which danger was minimal, I met good people whom help out and that really totally make my day.

I went back to my car, found a little metal tools and open up my front bonnet, Took a deep breath and decided that I am gonna do it! DEspite I might look like an idiot whom know nothing about car…….. I knocked on the battery.. VOILA! My hazard signal was ON! I tried turning the ignition KEY! And my car went back to lifE!

Yippie! I left that place at 11am… Calling my PIL and hub that I am safe and going to work. Thank you lord. My day had turned better…. I was late to work, but it was ok………..


Well, life been great so far without a live in maid. No doubt less time for shopping and more chores to be done. Somehow we managed and house is still pretty much as clean as having a maid.

Only due to more outing of myself with friends, I ended up having sore muscles… Today after head home from work, I had to get the boys fed and ready to go to a BBQ party. Damn exhausting but no way we gonna skip the party.

Finish showered and I figure some Yoko-Yoko would ease my ache a little….


Well, instead of
Yoko-Yoko, I applied this on my shoulder…


Tihihihi I hope that cheer you up!
Happy weekend!

*_* *phew*

My menses is 2weeks late.
My appetite increased.
My acne resurfaced.
My friend had a false alarm….

Hub jokingly tell Manfred mummy got baby, it’s didi or meimei? Manfred didn’t answer.

This morning when I shower Manfred, he suddenly uttered:”mummy, you got mei mei……”

*although late menses is something to worry about, but I didn’t quite think I am pregnant…. But when Manfred talk like that…. I can’t help but become panic.*

So I Sapu 2pregnancy test from Guardian………..


Please suggest contraceptive method….. I Need you and I need feedback… Can email me at
Lyncpf [at] gmail [dot] com


In the previous post, I post a pic of my cracked windscreen, without elaboration. Sorry I wasn’t trying to scare anyone. Just that I wanted to remind everyone(including myself), accident could happen.. I thought i was careful enough as I well aware of the crazy traffic and the rush of final week before CNY comes.

I went to the bank in the morning. With Manfred, when I came out from the bank, I drove for about 30seconds, I notice a lorry parked at the side, I didn’t pay much attention and before I knew it, I heard a loud bang, I emergency brake, The next thing I know, Manfred flung to the front, his head knocked on the windscreen, and he was screaming and crying in shock. I was terrified too. And when i saw that cracked, my heart almost sinked.

I assume since my car was moving, i must be at fault. I gave him my number and told him I will repay for the damage. And I drove to Pantai Cheras immediately. Thank lord Manfred was fine except he was pretty traumatized by the incident. Now he either request to sit the rear sits, or he will willingly let me buckle him through out whole journey. Same goes to Jude. Jude seems to understand the impact, the shock and the seriously of not buckling up in an accident. (Good lesson learnt).

Myself, I feel so bad for the incident as the truth is if only I been more focus and not have so much in my mind, these things won’t happen. I am gonna let bygones be bygones. It’s a hard lesson learnt. I am thankful that Manfred is a Ok now. Thank lord for sending guardian angel to watch over us.

ALso wish all my friends and families, Gong xi fa Cai! HAve a safe journey back hometown for those who balik kampung!


Hub went outstation in Melaka on Wednesday. When he is in Melaka, there was an accident at the traffic light area.

Obviously car behind him was so “kepo” till he forgot to BRAKE!!!!! Hub car kena “Hamburgered”!! How??? Hassle to fix hub car lo……

Itchy mind

I had a busy day. Blessed that Manfred sleep on the way back from Shichida. I don’t know why my mind suddenly drifted to the “Issue”.

My sister giving birth this December. I have once thought of having no2 this year(before I was conceive with Jude and I was planning and thinking about when to have no2, no3 and so on..)

I wanted a tiger baby for my no2.. Yet I had a feeling I will have girl second time.. Then tiger girl not so favorable. Then I thought maybe I should wait a year more and have rabbit girl instead.. Then I would have to quickly have no3 a year later as I don’t want snake, horse, goat or anything after that and I don’t want to have baby after I am 34…

Wahahahaha you probably laughing yourself off or raising your eye brow and think why this “lady” so crazy think off all these “issue”… Well no harm thinking and dreaming right….

As much as I want to stop at 2, I can’t help to sometime think of no3… (think only ya.. Think when my mind itch…)
I think I better not let myself convince to produce anymore… Coz I might still
Hope for a boy… Coz if no3 is girl, guilt might haunt me till I reproduce one more girl so no3 won’t be so lonesome..

See what i mean??? I think I gone NUTS already!!!!