Monday date with hubby

Today hubby took a day off as he finds his car has got some weird sounds when he steers the wheel to the max. Even his colleague heard the sounds last week. Thinking it could take a whole day, it got fixed within 2 hours time. IT just needed an oil change. LOL.

We had breakfast at OldTown Coffee. Then we head home and relax. 11am we leave house again, this time leaving both the kids home with Em and my parent in law. We were to pick up hubby car, then drop it at another work shop for wheel alignment while on the way to Signature for movie.

Everything went on smoothly and we reach Gardens at 12pm. We were suppose to catch the 12.35 movie. During the purchase of tickets i was a bit upset thou. Hubby apply for EON GSC credit card cause it gives RM100 bonus value upon approval of the credit card. It can be used to redeem for movie ticket(50%). In short, we went to buy 2 gold class ticket for 2012, we pay only RM55. GREAT ISNT IT??? I guess the ticketing staff was new and she used the wrong merchant machine to swipe the credit card. When I told her repeatedly that I would like to enjoy the BONUS VALUE I HAVE, she ignore and ask me to sign on the credit card slip.. SO annoying!!!!!! Then she continue to tell me system got error and suggest I use the BONUS next trip!! I was that close to yell at her to tell her ” DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT TO DROP 2 KIDS AND COME FOR MOVIE?” LOL!

Then I straight tell her, I want cancel, get someone to do it. SO the next staff came and fix the problem.It was a very minor mistake which is mainly due to her careless!!!!!!!!! Luckily nothing major happen after that. I was really looking forward to the movie session.

It’s a monday, working day, so practically we have the whole hall to ourselves. Since I haven’t been to movie for months as compare to previously i patronize 2-3times at least monthly. So i told hubby to allow me to indulge in anything I want. So we ordered many many foods to eat!! We had oriental fried noodles, beef spaghetti, fish and chips and a large popcorn!! YUMM YUMM!

However, before the movie started, it was quite spooky. Whole big hall to myself, I kept imagining someone “stand” next to me. LOL

As a summary, the movie rating from me, 8/10. At least i didn’t feel sleepy at all.
The movie experience? 10/10!!! hahahahaha