Who is the teacher 

Who is the teacher?
💬Does she know A,B,C? 

💬Can she count 1,2,3?
She is turning 2 in 2months time. She is the child that I never bothered to teach her anything. 
Irresponsible parent you may call me. I do not deny I struggle to do what I did with M when I had only 1 child. He was attending special infant classes, we give him undivided attention etc. 
But it is more of I finally realize and accept that children is actually the teacher of our life. We are the students. For one they taught me how to love when I thought I already knew it. 
She taught me to identify others love language and speak their language. 
This girl, her very dominant love language is definitely “Physical touch”. Notice she want leaning towards me a few times and she was actually giving m lots of kisses and she sure enjoy being hugged, caress and kisses 
We were singing to the tune of Elmo and Feist 1,2,3,4 😝yes it is still a hit in our household


Ideally, when I cook, he better b snoozing


Ideally, when I drive, he better be napping

Ideally, when I candy crush, he better be not bothering me…


But sometimes he does…..
So I call my crew to entertain the baby…



Or I close one eye, sometimes both, and let him…..

Play with my bag


Crawl at filthy kitchen floor



Whatever…. So long they are happy, moving, learning, observing, falling…… And mama gets the job done…….. Right??

What bout you? What does your baby do when mama is busy??

Book review – Raising Your Kids to love the Lord


I read somewhere, not everyone will be chosen to be a mother, but you does, be sure to know that motherhood is something require long term commitment. A commitment that never ends.

I been touched by holy spirit, leads me to knowing God, Jesus better. My life changed. In a way I never imagined. So good that I know one day when I am not around, the most precious thing that I can pass on to my children, is to have God as their life compass. That one thing, and only that matters.

If you are like me, this is another parenting book that you shouldn’t miss. One of the most important point highlighted in the book is, if you want your children to grow up loving God, live life the be more like Jesus Christ, you need to live life that way, set an example.

Children learn by examples and lots of time they mimic what we do, instead of what we told them to do. I believe in Shichida method of teaching whereby when we want our children to change, we first need to change ourselves. To raise our children to love God, we first love God whole heartedly.

I enjoyed reading the book so much that I finish it within 2days(pretty fast for my personal record) the language is simple and the message is sent across. Within my first 10pages, I already have a list of friends of mine whom I believe will be benefited from reading it. Especially friends that believe in Jesus Christ as much as I do.




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