New Year New PC

I have been silent on blog lately…silent on FB too, and silent on email as well…. Mainly I was busy celebrating Xmas and New Year on last week of 2009…. And also hubby’s 7 year old pc, which handed down to me after I become SAHM, decided to bid good bye on 1Jan2010.

So during the few days at home, I was so bored without pc at home.. Cannot check email, cannot read blog, cannot upload photo to FB and blog and cannot chat etc… eheheh hubby tease and said I was so free and bored… We tried to send the old pc for repair and seems like it’s critical and no way could save it… but the HD could be save for new pc usage. I am glad cause it has all the important files in IT!!

Now I am equipped with a better, faster, better looking and HUGE HD desktop!! YIPPIE!!! I always complained the pc could not “accomodate” to the speed I work…. hahahaha now no longer the case… I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW PC!

However, when hubby first brought the pc back, I had to do some formatting and setting up etc… took me more than 12 hours to figure out how to fix the broadband prob.. I couldn’t online….. it kept saying it couldn’t detect gateway, but hubby uses laptop to online and no prob with our home broadband and router…. So it’s the pc prob… Finally figured out we forgot to install the driver…… I tell you, with my old pc, i have formatted it X times myself and it always come back to same mistake I make with the internet thingy!!! What’s wrong with my memory??!!!!!

But now I am glad it’s all resolved and it will be quite a while till I have to deal with old problematic pc… Run now, Jude wailing downstairs…