Play dates

I been going out with Jude on one of the weekday before his Shichida class. And I been wanting to meet up with Catheryn and Jenny for 2nd gathering.

Catheryn was so kind to cook us one of her signature Nasi lemak. It looked so good to me when I first saw it on her blog. I was beaming with joy when she offer to cook Nasi lemak for lunch. No kidding, it was really good. The next time I am going to skip my breakie so I could go 2round of Nasi lemak. *grin*

It was really nice to have playdates for my boys. Jude had great time
Playing together with Isabelle. Isabelle is such a sweet girl as she willingly share all her toys with Jude. She even
Gave in to jude’s rude request of everything is “my one”…

Jenny, Ben & Manfred miss out this round. Manfred was not well so I left him home. I can’t wAit for the next time we have playdates again.

Oh ya, they were born 1day apart.. Isn’t It nice?

Coloring contest

Sunday evening, niece and nephew came visit! Happiest person? Manfred and jude lo.

Playing in the front porch the moment we back from shopping. Followed by dinner and bath.

After bath hub print out coloring sheet for each of them and do a little coloring contest. The best of course is Angelina, with her Angelina the ballerina sheet. Vincent heatblast is neat too!! Little goodies (honey star and chocolate coin) is what I found to give to the winners.

My boys piece are nothing to shout about but it’s the participation that counts! And right after we play with lantern and candles at porch again. Singing birthday song and blowing candle is still the BIG thing for them now.

They have so much fun.. And I have fin watching them too..

Play date with M&J’s Aunt

Yes, I arrange a play date for Manfred and Jude with their Aunt….. They enjoyed playing with their Aunt.. They have many aunts to play with.. First is my 2 younger sisters…. Which they both adores (when I am not around, coz they can bully their Aunt)..

Well, this particular Aunt is slightly different.. First of all, M&J cannot bully her…. Coz she is “special”…

Yes, this is M&J ‘s aunt.. she is 18months old.. younger than Manfred but elder than Jude.. 🙂 CUte that they are almost same age, but different “ranking”.. hahahahaah
She is my little cousin.. Very very pretty little young lady! and very daring… They have great time playing together, although they dun exactly sit in a circle and play.. But presense of another kids seems to do wonder.. they all play quietly by themselves.. such a breeze.. I wonder why i dun feel that when I am home with 2 boys…

This is Jude riding rubber horse!

And JY riding Another Horse!

And Manfred on the rubber horse!