Jude’s update on Potty training & weaning

Well, I am really a lazy mom…. I have plan to enrol Jude to kindergarten when he is 2.5yo. That means I have set my personal goal to potty train him by then… But I haven’t really start on it. Finally took up the initiative.. He started to be put on potty in the morning for big business.. That’s how I start with Manfred. Basically Manfred only poop in potty when he was about 18months old. Jude turning 2 soon and he still have soiled diaper every now and then.. *blame on mama*

But glad it’s progressing. He still poop in diaper sometimes if he didn’t poop in morning. I am gonna be more diligent to “predict” his poop poop time. Now whenever I sensed he needed to poop, i will place him on potty and usually takes him less than 5 minutes to be done. honestly, it’s gross to have to clean his bum and soiled diaper now that he eats all kinds of foods.. YUckS!

I don’t exactly have a plan.. just go with the flow… mummy instinct knows best right?


As for weaning, he still requested:” I want mummy nen nen…” But day time I usually tell him no more….. which sometimes he will say:” still got little bit….” but I don’t let him suckle that much oredy. Night time also reduce. He usually need a bottle by 5am, and he can go back to sleep after finishes his bottle of milk… finger cross as I really need him off my boobs…

TOday he start to say:” I want mummy…….(I was waiting for the word nen nen to come out… but it didn’t…..) and he went to nap without asking for my boobs….. good progress…….

Manfred & big boy slips!

I been potty training Manfred for 3-4weeks. Honestly, I hate doing it cause I actually did start it earlier and quit half way.. I do not what to expect and when to expect he will outgrown diaper… No one can ever tell too. But it’s for sure he is ready after he pass the age of 2…

To our surprise, it might have started off with lots of stress, messiness, shouting, yelling, spanking, and chaos I would say….. Suddenly we came to a “smooth sailing” point…. without realizing it… then since last week, I even found dry diapers after he woke up from 2hour plus nap. Sometimes night time I will bring him to the potty around 12am, and he woke up completely dry next morning. And we successfully bring him out to mall, outing, without putting diaper on…

He is very consistent in telling us when he need to go already. So we have decided not to put on any diaper on for him(except night and nap time). We would rather handle mishap or pee accident than making him confused.. 🙂 So outing need bigger bag for extra pants!! Also last week, I told hubby to go buy slips for Manfred. This is because when I was little kid, I once saw a old lady accidently zipped on her grandson’s penis, and couldn’t get it off… The poor kid was only 2year plus.. He was crying and crying and in so much pain and it certainly leaves a very strong image in my mind… So i am always very careful with boys especially when they wear zippy pants.. So I conclude that a slip would add on to the “security” level….

There I went sapu 2 pack of  slips from Mark & spencer since they are having sale. I was very tempted to buy Thomas slips for him but very costly, so I ended up with colours slips and stripes slips… Hubby mention to buy Thomas slips, but when I told him the exact slips with different prints cost RM40 differences, so he happily took the cheaper one and head straight to the cashier.. MAn…

So my finger cross, hoping that Manfred will be 100% off diaper soon….

Diaper nice?!

Manfred is still on potty training….. StILL??!!
yeah you heard me right, after 3weeks plus he still on training.. He somehow not consistent. At times he will tell us when he need to go. Sometimes he tell us when he is actually “going”!!

This whole potty training things make our days so busy. “Our” refer to myself, maid, in law or whoever in the house on typical day… We have to consistently ask him and remind him before he go. There’re mess to clean up after some accident.

Well, this morning after I put Jude to his early morning nap, I decided to go Carrefour for some household shopping. I bring along Manfred. AFter he pee I put on diaper on him.( I dun wan to have wet carseat and accident on carrefour shopping floor.. hahahaha

While I was driving, Manfred being the usual him named the cars he sees along the way. After a while, he says this

Manfred: Mummy!

Mummy: Yes Manfred?

Manfred: Diaper nice….

Mummy: *speechless*

I guess he thinks diaper is nice cause with diaper on, there’s zero accident, and zero “Spanking” from me… LOL