Week 33 now!

Hooray! The last time I wrote a blog was exactly 3months ago. I was 5 months pregnant with my little one. Within a blink of eyes, my baby is 33weeks old already, 8 mths plus they call it. Ladies, it means there is another 7weeks to go only!!

I am counting down each day with greater excitement to meet my first baby. I did mention of my frustration trying to find out the gender of the baby. To one point, Chris and I finally realize the only one thing that matters the most is the health of the baby. Just as we given up asking the doctor during ultrasound scan, at week 28, I was told we are expecting a baby boy! But because it took so long and gone through few frustration attempt to find out, I start to think :" sure or not? aiyah, sometimes not accurate one la" hahaha cause I am confused whether did the doctor really told me it’s a he or was it just another ridiculous dream of mine. (Bear in mind, I had plenty of weird and farnee dreams almost each nights during my pregnancy, probably because I am too free staying home. Dreams serve as a little exercise for my brain)

Followed by the few more visits to the doctor, it’s confirm that really is a boy la. Chris and I both are very happy and I do hav a little sense of relief. hehehe no one ever pressure me, but we just have some kind of "lou tou" thinking kan cheong to get a "chi ku teng". I know it sounds awful. But I just can’t help to have that kind of feeling or thinking should I say.

Anyway, last month when I visit doctor, my baby was 32weeks old but he already grown to the size of a 34weeks old baby. It could because I ate too much :o. My appetite improved so much lately, i start wanting to eat supper once in a while. hahaha I am now hoping that I won’t need to carry my baby till full term which is 40weeks, I will be happier if he decided to arrive anytime earlier than that!!! CAUSE Chris and I both can’t wait to hold him in our arms already!!!!!!

Cheeky little!

For those that know me and my hubby, should know we are both not cheeky type of people… Therefore I wonder where does the little one in my belly pick up that cheeky personality from.. What I am trying to say is, for the past 3 visits to the doctor, I been trying to find out whether I will be having a boy boy or girl girl, everytime the little one will squeeze and close up the thighs so tight that we can’t even peep between it, even doctor oso say this little one very cheeky. But I am guessing probably my little one is a "lady" and shy to let us look at "her".  hahahah

You are right, in the heart of me, hubby and most of the in laws are taking as i am having a baby girl liao. That is not the important point. I need to diet. doctor say my weight gain too drastic. 3.5kg in a month. KANaSAI, ask me to eat lesser.. so kek sim. I put the blame on chris cause keep asking me to eat more, now it’s me who put on instead of the baby. So this morning i only drink a cup of soy bean. wait until lunch only eat. 😦 so ko lian.. Why woman owaz have so much worries..