Play dates

I been going out with Jude on one of the weekday before his Shichida class. And I been wanting to meet up with Catheryn and Jenny for 2nd gathering.

Catheryn was so kind to cook us one of her signature Nasi lemak. It looked so good to me when I first saw it on her blog. I was beaming with joy when she offer to cook Nasi lemak for lunch. No kidding, it was really good. The next time I am going to skip my breakie so I could go 2round of Nasi lemak. *grin*

It was really nice to have playdates for my boys. Jude had great time
Playing together with Isabelle. Isabelle is such a sweet girl as she willingly share all her toys with Jude. She even
Gave in to jude’s rude request of everything is “my one”…

Jenny, Ben & Manfred miss out this round. Manfred was not well so I left him home. I can’t wAit for the next time we have playdates again.

Oh ya, they were born 1day apart.. Isn’t It nice?

First SAHM Forum Gathering

Today we have a gathering organized by SAHM Forum.
I came to know Jenny via blogging and became a member of SAHM members. Here we get to meet other SAHM (Stay-At-Home_Mum) and exchange topic on pregnancy, birth, baby care,breastfeeding and anything under the sun related to being a mum..

We share a lot of baby caring experience at SAHM. After 6 months joining as member, Founder, Jenny & Catheryn cracked up the idea to have the very first SAHM gathering.. After some message posting, exchanging of information and few following up on MSN, and it’s set! TODAY IS THE DAY!

I very look forward to this small gathring although there’re only very 3 of us… Everything starts small right…
We met at San Francisco Steakhouse at Tropicana Mall. We had some snack and drinks and off we chat.
Both Jenny and Catheryn are one of the most friendly person I met! WE almost don’t need time to warm up..
OUr topic? Of course mainly all about our precious BABIES!!

First I met Ben… He has the most innocent look on earth.. Honestly, I could never raise my voice up at such a cute and innocent looking kiddo!! He look exactly like in photos.. (ya I have known him for quite sometimes as I follow jenny’s blog regularly)

As for Cat, Belle and Jude share very close birthday! They were born only 1 day apart!! 🙂 but size wise I think my Jude really lousy lar.. I guess good eating habit does count! Good job done by mama Catheryn on feeding Belle…

Our meeting was a short one given I have to rush back before Jam starts.. Ben fall asleep quietly in Jenny’s arm…. Belle happily chomped down some crackers.. Which she happily share with Manfred and Jude too…

I had fun meeting with mummy Jenny and mummy Catheryn.. And ops I forgot to snap more photo.. I only got few of Ben and Jude only.. like Cat said, no worry, we shall snap more the next round!