I dread this since long long ago.. A big decision in any parent’s life. BIG BOY SCHOOL!!!! I started panicked since before CNY. Whereby we took a day tour to visit few school within our area. And then go thru the emotional turmoil of the obstacles, hassle, and encounter lots of “what if”.. and big question is Chinese school? Kebangsaan school?

hub set his mind on Chinese school way way way way long ago. Cause he was not from chinese school. I am 80% 20%. more likely to choose chinese school but I do have other worries. I am observing his progress on his mandarin, his writing, his interest in it, and his reading. CAused he learnt mandarin in kindie for a year and he learnt NIL last year. however I start to see some improvement this year. finger cross.

We will still place him in chinese school first. As in register first la. LATER See how again la… AGAIN!!! WHICH SCHOOL???!!!!!!!


Seen this? Some school could have average 50 students, some only 30-35.. how do we choosE? How you choose? WHY?

Help! How do you decide where to place them in primary school? Private school is not an option for us now. Chinese school? National school? Why?

Chinese school or National school, do you pick the best school? or the one less packed? how do we know if the teachers there are ok? How we know if that is a school that is A grade? Is there such a thing?

Please, I need advise… DESPERATELY~!