Manfred painting


This morning I gave him a piece of paper to scribble. One page he scribble with marker pen. Then he turn to another page and start drawing butterfly.(he learnt to draw butterfly during Shichida)

After which he asked for colour pencil, and breathe color into his butterfly. 🙂
I like it! And below there is a person’s face. With spectacles and hair only. I shall ask him what happen to the eyes, and nose and mouth.

Off bottles

Can I give this credit to Shichida too?
I was very hesitated when I wanted to wean them off bottles. I
Wasn’t ready for the tantrums(that I imagined)

But somehow i started it. And it’s now 2nd week. Jude never ask for bottles. He is perfectly happy with straw cups. Manfred ask for it one morning at my mum’s place. Which my mum did not give in, despite how much she was against the idea.

So pretty much, my boys graduated from milk bottles already. And it was done with such a breeze. And they are sleeping on floor mattress on their own. Every night. Till 3am for Jude, Manfred till 7am, which he will join my bed after hub left foe work.

Credit to shichida

I want to start jotting down things my boys amazed me. Things that I put credit to early childhood education.

Today my SIL came with her iPad. It’s a 4digit passcode keylocked. SIL show Manfred how to keylock once. And left the iPad for Manfred to play with. After a while, Manfred was able to unlock it himself. Without having anyone to remind him the passcode.

And the best part, hub and myself o Ly
Can remember first 2digit. He could recall it. I am amazed. I
Am not sure how other kids did in this area. But I am proud of him. He shows great memory. Even when he plays matches game on my iPhone,
He remembers better than me.

3years 2mths old