Off bottles

Can I give this credit to Shichida too?
I was very hesitated when I wanted to wean them off bottles. I
Wasn’t ready for the tantrums(that I imagined)

But somehow i started it. And it’s now 2nd week. Jude never ask for bottles. He is perfectly happy with straw cups. Manfred ask for it one morning at my mum’s place. Which my mum did not give in, despite how much she was against the idea.

So pretty much, my boys graduated from milk bottles already. And it was done with such a breeze. And they are sleeping on floor mattress on their own. Every night. Till 3am for Jude, Manfred till 7am, which he will join my bed after hub left foe work.

Credit to shichida

I want to start jotting down things my boys amazed me. Things that I put credit to early childhood education.

Today my SIL came with her iPad. It’s a 4digit passcode keylocked. SIL show Manfred how to keylock once. And left the iPad for Manfred to play with. After a while, Manfred was able to unlock it himself. Without having anyone to remind him the passcode.

And the best part, hub and myself o Ly
Can remember first 2digit. He could recall it. I am amazed. I
Am not sure how other kids did in this area. But I am proud of him. He shows great memory. Even when he plays matches game on my iPhone,
He remembers better than me.

3years 2mths old

Goodbye Sensei

today is the last session of Shichida with Sensei Azy. She is the first sensei for manfred. Manfred is also the very first batch of her student too… Kinda like grow together in Shichida.

Manfred love sensei Azy very much. They have quite a strong bond. Even Jude whom warm up slow to stranger like sensei Azy… Jude was taught by another sensei for 1 full term, yet he warm up to sensei Azy immediately although only for short 5 weeks.

Before class, I brought manfred to florist and ask if he would like to buy flower for sensei. He said yes.. So he carry the small bouquet to sensei and say thank you to sensei.. He gladly gave sensei a kiss too….

After class Manfred snap pictures, gave sensei lots of hugs and another peck on cheek again. I am sure Manfred gonna miss her sensei. I miss her too.. She is very patient and great with kids.. Always have a big great smile despite both of my boys is challenging in class.

Manfred forever wander off to window to see cars parked outside the centre… For a good whole year… And sensei never utter a single complain or lose faith in Manfred… And true enough 2nd year Manfred start to sit and concentrate 90% of time in class…

Jude forever want to be nursed during class, “break dance” whenever sensei keep away the material, cling to me like a koala and sweep all materials to floor like a crazy horse….. Even I feel awful and embarrassed by his act at class… Never once I was judged or given remark that I am lousy mom with lousy boys…..

Thanks sensei, I am glad I found Shichida and I am glad you are the one who taught my boys…. Really grateful….

Jude’s at Shichida

It’s his first term since April. Tomorrow will be the last lesson for the term. He misses 4 class this term… He and Manfred was not well for sometimes and I stop all their outing including shichida for a month. I have not expect anything from Shichida or Jude yet.

I know persistent is important. I still struggle to get him to sit still and concentrate in class. However I know it will take time for him to adapt. I just have to keep believing in him.. If he concentrate 20% time in the class, then he gets 20% input already. If he doesn’t go at all, then it will be 0%..

One thing good about going shichida is finally he is more used to travelling in car seat. He still on in car seats 100% of the time, but at least everytime I bring him to class, I just need to pre plan and make sure he is well fed and off we go.. He fuss a little but he has no choice since I am alone with him. He takes car seat better now but still cannot sit in for more than hours.. I see improvement and I am happy!

I hope by age of 18months, He will be buddy buddy with car seat… Then I will have less trouble bringing him out alone!

Cute things he said..

When Manfred was a year old, some ppl start asking me, has he started talking yet? I kept receiving this question many many times. Especially Manfred’s size always look bigger than his actual age.. PPl start to wonder and worry why hasn’t he started talking yet.. He actually can say words when he is about 13-14mths old.. but it’s always 1 syllabus only.. To admit it I also hoping that he could start to talk also…

Then when Jude was born, Manfred was around 18mths plus.. He slowly start to talk more.. slowly he says words in 2 syllabus, sometimes 3syllabus… then he like learn to talk overnight.. at 21mths old.. He suddenly like to talk very much.. Then today he is almost 24mths old.. He copied everything his sensei said in class… it’s kinda funny when he do that..

The more we teach him what to say, the more he pick up talking and I am amazed at how many things he could say and how he could hold a short conversation with me..

Yesterday when I was driving him to Shichida class, it was a rainy day. during the journey, i told him we were gonna collect shoe for daddy in 1utama, then we will go to meet his friends(shichida classmate).. Then it was raining and we were “chit chatting” then suddenly Manfred started singing :”Rain rain go away, come again another day”.. I was over the moon when I heard that! Although he doesn’t pronounce it exact way i do.. but he can sing with the very right tune, and it was very clear i could recognize tat he is singing that song.. it’s been raining almost everyday lately, so every evening i will sing this song.. so i guess he did pick up the meaning of the song…

He will also tell me what song to sing. If i sing the wrong song, he is say “NO!” until i sing the song he requested. When I bring him out and leaving Jude home, I will ask him, Where’s Jude? he will answer me ” Jude at home..” or “Jude ah kong house”. If i ask where is daddy, or ah yee, or gu gu, he will say “daddy go work, ah yee go work, gu gu go school etc etc…

It’s really cute to hear him talk… And he certainly enjoy talking more and more when he finds that We understand what he wants and what he says.. He find that we get it so he want to express more… Also he cry lesser for the reason that we dun get what he wants until he gets frustrated..

I realize toddler learns really really fast. Almost 1 attempt they pick up the thing u teach him. I am proud of him. I certainly would love to teach him more and more things everyday.. At the same time.. as he is approaching 2 year old.. I suddenly feel like crying this afternoon.. coz i realize he is growing so fast… soon he will no longer be my little baby boy… nowdays I hardly could hold him long enough in my arm to cuddle him for long long time.. coz he is always running around, bz with his toys… climbing up and down… even when he wants to sleep, He wants to lie down on his own… he request me to put him down when I carry and rock him…. (but luckily i dun have to rock him to sleep anymore..17kg is a big load…..)

He has grown so much.. he has learnt so much… I love every moment I had with him.. every moment we spent learning together.. I do misses those day when he was tiny infant… he was such a lovely babies… laid back… calm…but i do look forward seeing his milestone….