Backdated post – BBQ during Raya 2011 holiday

See how forgetful I get…. I said I would blog about the family BBQ session and I totally forgot a bout it! During the long 9days holiday, we didn’t go on any trips and we utilized our long break have movies, gathering etc.. all family oriented program of course.

The one I heart the most was BBQ. It was held at my parent’s place. I prepare and marinated almost 70% of the food, and I make ice lemon tea from scratch.. IT was SO GOOD( I mean the ice lemon tea)! We had lots and lots of food, chicken wings, bacon, chicken patty, chicken thigh, otak-otak, lamb, pepper, corn, potato, sausages, fish ball, mussels, squids, and BIL even made fu chuk yi mai for us..My personal choice of best food on that day was mussel! We brave to try it out and voila our way of preparing it was awesome!

I bought garlic bread spread and place a big chunk on the mussel, then top it up with lots of parmesan cheese and bake it! IT WAS Awesomely GOOD!!!! Cause we finish everybit of it!

Jude and Manfred behave pretty well, they have their share of food on that day, and I give them marshmallow to join in the BBQ crowd.. of course they will BBQ for 2 second and place the marshmallow into the mouth immediately.. Best behaviour award goes to my ever charming niece – Charlotte.. oh dear, a 8months old baby and all you need to entertain her was a high chair plus a chunk of honeydew… and she sits for good 30min or probably more. Her kakak don’t even have to carry her around.. Kakak was doing cleaning, Charlotte self entertaining, and the adult yakking and chatting and BBQing away….

I love my family.. love my own family of four, love my own very noisy and busy family with 5siblings in all.. we hated each other growing up.. thinking we are ripped of privilege cause we have to share everything with so many siblings. But today I am thankful and always thank my mum for giving me so many younger siblings, and I admit my life will never be the same wo my two sisters, and my brothers too…

And I am grateful for my hub’s family, who is ever so considerate and loving. They nag alot but they do it out of love… we are so spoiled by my PIL to always make sure we get hot piping meal on dinner table. A phone call back and my MIL is ever ready to whip up a meal for us…..

Thank you Lord for blessing me with  such loving families. And A loving family I shall formed…

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Cranky mummy

Why am I so cranky? Could it be lack of sleep? I over worked? I set too high expectation or I am simply emo emo?

Mon, tue, I plan to bring m&j to playground after work, one day it poured, another I was instructed to buy fresh milk the moment I step into the house. I did manage to did my evening run thou.

Today finally we went to the playground, funny is, they love to go, but they cause a scene before we go. They want to glued to the tv,
Yet they want the playground. Me? I
Feel guilty for not bringing them out on evening. So when we finally can go I really wish they could skip the bollywood drama scene.

Then they both fight over toys non stop, fight over which DVD to watch at night, fight over colour pencils, paper, sleeping space…. Manfred say Jude invaded his sleeping space, Jude kept quiet.. And manfred keep pushing jude. This happen everyday but the role interchanges.

Siblings rivalry!!!! I HATE I HATE I HATE! oh ya? U have a elder
One that love the young one so much? Congratulation! Cause I am the UNLUCKY ONE!!!!! Anyway, my ultimate goal of raising them is not making them HAPPY all the time!!!!! So sorry if mummy put u two to corner when u two fight and refuse to resolve!!!!!!!!!

Doggety fun

Do you allowed your kiddo to get close with pets? I know how thrill they will be to have pet. But no. We are not having any. I have enough in my plates.

Our neighbor is away for 6weeks. PIL is kind enough to take over feeding and watering. Neighbor has 3pet dogs.
2which is young puppy of 2months old. Today I let play at playground, back home for dinner, then we adjourned to next door and let them play with the puppy. Boy I think they were too violent. Cause they didn’t exactly hug the puppy in loving kind of way..

They have so much fun. I got no problem cause I can showered them immediately.. Yes, I am still a germ phobic mum




Fighting over to carry the puppy

Little bit here and there

Wow. My boys sure had grown. This morning I showered without hearing screaming with both of them.(Jude usually don let me out of sight) they just play nicely themselves while I bathe myself away. Thank lord for today.

They “hurricaned” mess up the living hall as usual. Then they snack on cheese.

Manfred: you cannot eat.(pointing to Jude)

Jude(aka the parrot): you cannot eat!

Manfred: I eat big big! You cannot!

Jude: I eat big! You cannot!

*Manfred got annoyed thinking his brother is challenging him…. Which in fact Jude is just repeating whatever he said*

Manfred: MINE! cheese all MINE!

Me? Sipping coffee and watch the live scene.. So entertaining… Hahahahah

Absolute opposite

>I can’t help to stress again how different my 2 boys are. Manfred is a clean freak! Brought him to playground and once his feet got wet he wailed immediately and ask me to give him a bath. Jude on the other hand comfortably lie down on green green grass despite it just rained and it’s all wet and filthy!

Meal time, Manfred will keep demanding you to wipe here wipe
There clean here clean there.. Jude on the other hand….

That’s how he ended up after most of the meal.. And he loves it when we giggles and laughed at his farnee face!


Both M&J love to watch Dora the explorer lately. Jude especially is so so cute when he dance to the song “we did it” at the end of the show. Those at FB might have seen his video of shaking his booty.

Today on the way to school, Manfred was talking non stop as usual. Something caught my attention:-

Manfred: swiper swipe swipe things so naughty hor?

Me: yalor (must layan him a bit)

Manfred: Jude like swiper hor? Always swipe things to the floor.

Me laughed my ass off. So true since Jude swiped kiwi, plate and toy sword off tables in the morning, and poured out whole bottles of medicated oil 15min after.

Presenting – The Swiper Jude!

Communiction opens up

*Jude playing with the box of colour pencils, and Manfred walked to Jude and sat beside him*

Manfred: Jude, can colour together or not?

*me at the corner applying my ICI raised my eye brow and think, “is Jude gonna answer him?”

Jude: Can!

Manfred: mummy, didi say can colour together wor..

Me: *nod head and smile* good. Colour la…

Jude, so cute you are conversing with your kor kor.

Manfred finally you learn your manners.

Me? I am just so happy to be able to witness that short moment. Melts my heart to see they “talk” peacefully.. Well, no harm although 90% of time they fight over everything… That’s how we learn. 🙂