Why Malaysia no snow one?

He has ask me twice already.

Manfred: mummy why Malaysia got no snow one?

Me: ER…. Coz our country only got summer. It only snows in winter.

That satisfies him for a while…
Then he asked further, why Malaysia no snow one? Why no winter one?? Why why why….

How a? Ask google la. Yet have to make sure the answer simple.

So I showed him this picture. And briefly tell him Malaysia is located on the equator line. That’s why no snow.
Ok, I know that’s not enough. Truth is, I don’t know it very clearly yet. But it ponders me so I should get it read up one fine day. Learning together with kids should be fun, and that should be the way.

So anyone want to enlighten me why Malaysia no snow??

M&J ideas on God

We been regular to church for sometimes. The boys also in Sunday schools regularly since early this year. And we been making effort and commitment to have God as our centre of life by showing them example.

Their idea towards God, Jesus, church, heaven are all in pieces, and sometimes the things they tell u is confusing. Like they both will think the father that preach on Sunday mass is God. 😛 trying to explain to them but somehow they still think father is God.

They don’t exactly sit still during mass, or at least I assume they don’t listen to what father preach. But at times they surprise us by telling us what they hear during the mass.. Anyway they are only 5&3 yo respectively, I don’t expect them to sit real still at mass. So far they are doing well, adapting well in attending Sunday school, they haven’t give trouble to us, in fact they both need to be with a church member for 45min after their class dismiss while waiting for hub and I finish our RCIA course. They didn’t fuss also. I need to really thank lord for blessing us with a pair a very well adapted boys.

Today on the way to school, manfred suddenly blurred out:”

Manfred :mummy, God lives in a very very very big, very very colorful and beautiful house ho……..”

Me: yes, we cal it heaven.

Manfred: if I be very good boy, God will bring me to His house and live with Him

Me: 😉 yes u r right!

Manfred: and mummy and daddy and didi ho… But how do God bring us to His house?

Me: (feeling a bit challenge Liao) well, we don’t know how God will do it, but Only God knows when and how He will bring us to his house, so we just focus on being good, and share toys and love people ya..(phew.. I hope that is sufficient for now)

Manfred: ok

Jude: and God will bring yeye and mama to His house also ho…. And I got share toys with my kor kor!!

Me: yes darling..

So much of a conversation from home to school.. But I loving it.

Talk bout God with Manfred

I am trying to teach the boys and myself to say grace, to say a little prayer before bed time. I say teaching myself cause I tend to forget to say grace before meal time. Sinful me!

When I first started with Manfred, he was quite reluctant, and I start to say short prayer in front of him, slowly he is more used to it.

Today before bed time I guide him to Say little prayer. When we are done, manfred asked me”mummy, who is God? Is he for real?”
I said yes, of course it’s real, God is our heavenly father, and remember that God loves us.
Then Manfred asked me another question,”how God look like?”

Well, I didn’t have that answer either, I feel God’s presence but I do not know how to visualize to him. So I ask him to pray to god that he wished to see God, and ask God to appear in his dream, I told him he needs to talk to God many many times many many days.. He buys it, then he says
“God loves me, Jesus loves me..”

And he dozed off. I guess prayer does have comforting effects, it does to me, and it does to my boys. Manfred is starting Sunday school soon, and it’s really important I do my part to instill Christianity practice at home also.


how well you know about dinasour? what xxx saurus, bla bla bla saurus… Ok I know nil…

My brother was chatting with manfred last week… He was naming a few to Manfred….

FYI: Manfred call my brother “gugu” as in ah gu in mandarin….

Gugu: Plateosaurus

Manfred: Plateosaurus

Gugu: Tyrannosaurus

Manfred: Tyrannosaurus…..

Knowing how limited knowledge we all have on dinasours……. Gugu ran out of idea what saurus to name…. Hence he went and use his wit trying to trick Manfred….

gugu: Manfredsaurus……..

Manfred:………………………………. Gugusaurus!


Everyone burst out laughing!

Little bit here and there

Wow. My boys sure had grown. This morning I showered without hearing screaming with both of them.(Jude usually don let me out of sight) they just play nicely themselves while I bathe myself away. Thank lord for today.

They “hurricaned” mess up the living hall as usual. Then they snack on cheese.

Manfred: you cannot eat.(pointing to Jude)

Jude(aka the parrot): you cannot eat!

Manfred: I eat big big! You cannot!

Jude: I eat big! You cannot!

*Manfred got annoyed thinking his brother is challenging him…. Which in fact Jude is just repeating whatever he said*

Manfred: MINE! cheese all MINE!

Me? Sipping coffee and watch the live scene.. So entertaining… Hahahahah


Both M&J love to watch Dora the explorer lately. Jude especially is so so cute when he dance to the song “we did it” at the end of the show. Those at FB might have seen his video of shaking his booty.

Today on the way to school, Manfred was talking non stop as usual. Something caught my attention:-

Manfred: swiper swipe swipe things so naughty hor?

Me: yalor (must layan him a bit)

Manfred: Jude like swiper hor? Always swipe things to the floor.

Me laughed my ass off. So true since Jude swiped kiwi, plate and toy sword off tables in the morning, and poured out whole bottles of medicated oil 15min after.

Presenting – The Swiper Jude!

Communiction opens up

*Jude playing with the box of colour pencils, and Manfred walked to Jude and sat beside him*

Manfred: Jude, can colour together or not?

*me at the corner applying my ICI raised my eye brow and think, “is Jude gonna answer him?”

Jude: Can!

Manfred: mummy, didi say can colour together wor..

Me: *nod head and smile* good. Colour la…

Jude, so cute you are conversing with your kor kor.

Manfred finally you learn your manners.

Me? I am just so happy to be able to witness that short moment. Melts my heart to see they “talk” peacefully.. Well, no harm although 90% of time they fight over everything… That’s how we learn. 🙂