Just saying

Sometimes, I woke up, with my mind full, and to do list mega long…just like today, I have to cook breakfast for kids, I need to do marketing, I am hoping to get that “due by weekend” gift, I need to shower everyone, I need to feed the baby, the laundry and we need to be out by house at 10am etc……. If I live like that, I think I will die very fast, and Jesus won’t greet me at heaven door with smile I bet….

And my days went hay wired… Laundry unfold,(or better yet, I folded it, and baby thinks he can do a better job, and take everything out again…..) M&J make fuss at meal time, M hungry and J wants to poop… N poop and J said he is hungry or he really want to go to the park immediately….

Then after dinner, park, I was filthy and baby just wouldn’t let go my boobs, while M&J run around with their extremely dirty feels waiting to be showered….

It’s really spirit breaking on days like this…..however, it’s kinda worth while, When I hear someone opens the front door, it was my hub, the boys’ daddy… Baby let go of my boobs, go to daddy, M&J fight to tell daddy their day to day story….. While….I just sit at the side and listen to the laughters, the bouncing ball sounds etc……..I should be grateful, and I’m grateful that I’m not alone on this journey.

My thought

Thou hast made us for thyself, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.” -St Augustine.

I was once worry pot. Every single thoughts leads to one worry, after another after another….. Yes I was pretty annoying..

I’m learning not to be such worrying pot anymore… I’m not that timid to take a road unknown anymore, or simply always choose an easier route.

I came to understand, realize, and most importantly – ACCEPT, that no matter which road I take, it will definitely leads ME to my destination(where? I don’t need to know anymore) the unknown is the journey…. But I can choose to enjoy the journey… And TRUST that how pleasurable or unpleasant the journey turn out to be, I can always rely on Him. I accept that I’m human, therefore mortal, therefore have limit… So I need to constantly draw strength from Him…

Oh yes, my heart is “less restless” now…






Mom really misses dad a lot. I know she tries hard to be strong, but yet she can’t help to acknowledge defeats and becoming weak. I know it’s really hard for her to accept, a companion for decades bids goodbye suddenly. In fact, no chance to bid goodbye.

Love your spouse, love your parent, love your parent in law, love your kids, love your siblings, love your neighbors love everyone. Love them everyday and show them everyday…..

Lyn mumbles

School holiday is officially over. I don’t feel like sending my boys back to school…. I have wanted to have them by my side….

Today is also our 7th wedding anniversary. I actually forgot about it until my brother wishes me and hub happy anniversary.
Thanks dear, for the great 7years, and thank you for introducing Jesus to me.

As many plan endless activities, trips, art and crafts session, and other school
Holiday programme,
We spend ours at my parents place. M&J no longer says “ah gong” house. Now they say “ah ma” house.. Cause “ah gong” went to heaven already. “Ah gong” new house is at a temple….

I remind them to pray for “ah gong” daily, especially at church, so that Jesus will find “ah gong” and be with “ah gong”. They remembers, and just yesterday before we left after mass, both told me they were praying for ah gong.

There’s a lot in my mind, but there’s also a lot happening in my daily life that I have no time to think about anything.. I just Gotto learn take things one at a time….


甲: 来来来, 这酒佷好!一流!快收起来!

乙:哇!真不错。。。 但我不需要。家里还多呢!谢了。

甲:为什么不要! 那么好的酒! 收起来!(脸色开始边)


甲: 上回的没那么好!要不上回的清了,这收起来。


甲:怎么你们这种人将固执的!讲不听。。。。。。。。 blablablablabla。。。。。。