I have a very great buddy.. whom I met back in college day… We have seen each other before since secondary day but wasn’t “talking” or get to know each other…

We became friend in college as we sometimes car pool to college..Then we graduated and went into the first job together….. We went clubbing every week together.. live some crazy lives before.. She’s the one saw me puked all over in front of The beach club…. šŸ˜¦ So sia sui.. She is another buddy whom I been ups and down with.. Whom I need not hide feelings from….

She moved to singapore few years back and now she is in US….. How I wish I could still see her face in face to brat… Those days… ALthough we don’t get to Yak together, we dun get to shop together, Thankfully for the numerous social networking and stuff on internet.. WE can still pretty much keep in touch..

And with Truly Victorian, we even “shop” together….
Go hop over for a look ya.. See if you can find anything you like…..