Stone art

The boys receive a stone art kit from sil as Xmas gift. They have always love doing art and crafts stuff.

They were very happy to receive that and have actually wanted to start immediately.

The next morning I allow them to start first thing in the morning. These are the work they came up with. They needed little help especially when doing lady bug pattern. Other than that, I just supervise and let them explore




Octopus, robot, etc..

Haven’t been doing much art or craft with the boys. Few days back both boys begging to do something. They settle for something simple. Painting on octopus!

See Jude’s octopus got eye shadow some more!


I also got a alien robot kit from book depository. And they each take turn to built one. But the interest to play with it wears off after 24 hour. Fast Le..20121206-132952.jpg

Another “fun” thing for them now include toying their baby brother.


Little show n tell


Photo narration goes like this:-

Pic 1- Once upon a time, there was a little piggy who was very jovial, he loves to roam around the jungle and make friends,

Pic 2 – One day, he fell into a trap that made by a poacher that cost little piggy an eye. Now he looks like a piggy pirate.

Pic 3 – days goes by and piggy has no friends to play with cause everyone joke at him looking like a pirate… He is now a very angry and unhappy piggy whom is alone and sad.

Okay, not a typical story to tell a 2yo and 4yo. Let’s keep this story till they are adult… 🙂 how do u like the pirate piggy and sad piggy done by manfred?
I have to give him merit for the effort to draw it all by himself, although outcome became something not so cute and jovial..

We had great fun on a Friday evening painting away, while daddy work late during month end meeting…


Teacher I love U!

Manfred school is celebrating teachers day on Friday. He is gonna miss it. His school going for picnic, and he been excited about it, but he gonna miss it too.

Over weekend hub mention to let Manfred do some craft to give it to teacher in conjunction with Teacher’s Day celebration. So we get to work on Monday evening. Although tired after long day at school, they both can pump up reserve energy the moment you tell them it’s Art Time!
Looking very serious…

First abstract art piece of M&J!

Final products. I teach Manfred to say Happy Teachers Day to teacher when he give the gifts to teacher. He said :”Must say I love you teacher! Happy teacher’s Day!” Of course he forgot! I have to remind him when I send him to art class..:)

Teachers were all happy to receive it. It has some goodies inside too!

Manfred painting


This morning I gave him a piece of paper to scribble. One page he scribble with marker pen. Then he turn to another page and start drawing butterfly.(he learnt to draw butterfly during Shichida)

After which he asked for colour pencil, and breathe color into his butterfly. 🙂
I like it! And below there is a person’s face. With spectacles and hair only. I shall ask him what happen to the eyes, and nose and mouth.

Craft-Tick Tock

We did this on one Friday morning. It’s been a while since we last did any art work together. Art work as in I take out the poster colour and paint brush. (That’s their definition of art work!) It was a quiet Friday morning and we just lazed and do this mini projects.

After we are done, they were pretty hungry since I feed them breakfast 1 hour later than usual.

Little bugs projects

It’s school holiday! Means I cracking head to keep M&J both occupied. You know when Manfred is home most of the time, siblings rivalry kicks in! And I promise you it’s extra chaotic and extra “FUN”

We did more crafts. Yesterday they painted their respective paper plates… let it to sun dry…. Today I got construction papers pre-cut while they napping… And when they awake, we glued it on the paper plate they paint yesterday! Viola!

Meet my crafty boys in bugs projects!

Oh.. they sure love it! They been requesting to do more whenever we surf the nets for more craft ideas!