Xmas eve 2009

Yay! It’s the day of the year again!

Back to those dating days, Hubby and I would gather some friends, dressed up and go nice restaurant to have Xmas eve dinner, then we will either go partying, clubbing or sometimes we might go church before we head to KL for some crazy nights!!

Now days, Xmas is spent in a more cozy way with close family, home cook food…… This year, month before Xmas still we don’t hear any plan from family what to do on Xmas eve. And we received an invitation to have potluck at Edel’s place. So we say YES!

I been waiting for day to come………… been so so excited about it. Mainly because there’ll be friends, there’ll be friend’s kid(although only 1 or 2) and it’s the season greeting times where by we can feast and catch up and feast again!! what’s more is it’s held in the house so it’s even more enjoyable.

The menu itself make me drool when I received email from Edel. When asked who want to prepare what dish, I quick quick volunteer to bring dessert cauze I really hopeless when comes to cooking…. and I really don’t want to cook with 2 kids to handle…. lazy I am..

The Xmas menu is as below:- We almost forgot to snap picture before we start eating!! Phew! That close and we might end up with shots of missing chicken wings on the plate.. hahahaha

Food from left to right,

roasted chicken wings, Chicken Mushroom Pie with Mash potatoes topping, Aglio Olio  Pasta, chicken Fajitas with guacamole, Roasted Vegetables,  Salad,  Bruchetta, Fruit tarts and Cheese tarts. We have Chocolate temptation cake (not shown in the picture) and Ribena Lemon Frizz for drinks too!!! Are you drooling already? LOL

The party was suppose to start at 7pm. But due to the downpour,  most of us are late. Myself also reached Edel house at 7.30pm at least. And I was the 2nd to arriveD!! hahahah Although party starts a little late and everyone was already starving, but it’s worth the wait cause the food was great!!!! And want to know how hungry we are?> Look at Jude, he already started without all the guests! 🙂

The biscuits I brought for him was not enough, so I dig some mashed potato and let him have a little!! Such a treat for baby Jude!!

After a “wholesome” meal….. that’s what little babies do….. Nice chair to nap on…… He napped for more than 45 minutes!!

As for Manfred, he found his very best buddy that night, Damien… They clicked the moment they met as if they been friends forever!! they met back in Manfred’s 2nd birthday celebration. Ai may told me that Damien been asking to go to Manfred’s birthday party again cause it was FUN for him!! LOL

There’s a moment where Manfred was hooked on something and sit on his own, So hubby told him

Hubby: Manfred, go play with kor kor lar.

Manfred: Damien lar..

What he meant was we should call Damien by his name, instead of kor kor. LOL I just love hearing kids talk!!!

There’s also gift exchange at the end of the feast!

And we lazed to chat a little, give our tummy some time to digest those foods… And we still have a chocolate cake awaits in the fridge. When they took the cake out, my friends are all so kind and they did a great job entertaining Damien and Manfred, they let them both blow candles and sing them happy birthday song. 🙂 I tell you, Manfred loves birthday song, if can he would wan to hear birthday song and blow candles!!

And chocolate cake, another Manfred’s favorite, he ate quite a bit… He even “sold” himself out for the cake.. Edel told me he kisses her in order to get more chocolate cake! hahahaha

And here is some of the group photos taken. Hard to get good shot with kids! heheeh but it’s the memory that count right?

Baby Zoey with Aunt Lilian, and Aunt Michelle.

IT was a great night I had.. hubby had fun too, Manfred and Jude enjoyed!! They dozed off on the way home… Thank goodness I can just showered and sleeps right after the party as I already have a helper to unpack.  But just so you know it took me a while to fall asleep due to the incident.

Want to share your Xmas eve celebration with me????

22hours without my purse…

It’s been quiet in most blog last few days. Mainly due to Xmas celebration.. Myself have not much time to log on to read blog or update on what I done over the weekend.

As mentioned in previous post, I was to celebrate Xmas eve at a friend’s house. I was expecting to spend the night till 11pm before we will head back to Cheras from Klang on Xmas eve. So on 24th December, I purposely drag Manfred’s afternoon nap to later. So around 12something, I brought him out to nearby shops for a little walk. We went to Manjaku @ Ampang waterfront.

See see look look then I also get a small gift for my friend’s little princess who is 3months old.  I also bought some small books for Manfred and Jude. Upon paying, Manfred request to go on kiddie ride in front of the shop. (He requested before we enter the shop and I promise him I would let him hop on before we leave.) So he was on the ride for 5 minutes, and I remember I put my purse into the shopping bag along with the stuffs I bought.

Then I told him we had to go, he request to hold on to the book we just bought. I told him I will give it to him when we go into the car. He obeyed and we proceed to car park which is just steps away. Then we head home straight.

Once I was home, I unpacked things that I just bought as usual and I did notice I dun see my purse in the shopping bag. Thinking that I been quite blur crab lately and I assumed I must have taken it out and place it some where. It didn’t occur to me AT ALL that my purse was GONE!!!!

Then I let Manfred took his nap and it was around 2.30pm already. I go on did my last minute preparation like lay out everybody’s clothings, pack for bags ( we were suppose to leave house around 4something to stop by my mum place before going for the party).

While I was at my friend’s place, I received a call from a private no. Thinking it must have been some banks making marketing call,  I was very close to not pick up the call. But then I thought, I might as well rejects them nicely.. So i pick up and she said I lost my card in Manjaku, I was a little skeptical as lately there’s a lot of credit card fraud case. (FYI my card kena fraud not long ago and I am very scared of ppl saying they calling from bank). She told me she is from Citibank and she can help me cancel my credit card. I was little suspicious and I thought I actually left my purse at home, so i told her I would call up the bank myself later.

Party goes on, feast go on, and gift exchange and chat chat chat whole night. (I shall blog bout the party later) we left the party at 11pm. Once I was home, I immediately go search for my purse and it’s no where to be found… SWEAT!! I didn’t mind bout the cash coz I remember I didn’t have much cash in it, but I was sad that it will be a very troublesome process to get back all my IDs, Manfred’s ID and ATM cards, credit cards and not to mentioned that it was actually a branded purse which I bought less than 6mths back. Hubby jokingly say it’s alright since my bro is travelling to Europe next month and I can “tumpang” him get me a new purse.. Hubby some more ask me which brand I am aiming.. Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood to think of my next purse!!!!

I couldn’t sleep well that night. but somehow manage to doze off.

The next morning we were attending morning mass at 9am. We woke up extremely early to be ready for mass. After mass it was 1030am. I immediately call up Manjaku and asked if they found my purse… They told me “YES”!!!

I WAS SO SO SO relieved!!!! And happy too!! I told hubby that’s the best XMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!!! Hhahahahahah

REally, that’s the best gift I ever received on a Xmas day!! To find back the purse which I lost for 22 hours!! It’s happier than getting a new gift!!!

What bout you? anything to share bout ur Xmas day on 2009??

Xmas eve eve!!

YEAH!! I can’t help to feel very extremely superb EXCITED!!! It’s Xmas eve eve!!! Hahahahahah But down side is, hubby still working till tomorrow. And he is in Melaka some more.. Miss him dearly..

We are having a potluck party on Xmas eve at Lady Twong house. I used to go lady twong house very frequent back in school days.. Nowdays everyone busy with work and I am in KL, I really rarely go to her house.. Guilt guilt guilt! That’s why when she host a party at her house, I say let’s do it!

I being the hopeless one when it comes to cooking, I am only bringing some take out… Dessert.. hahahahaha Chocolate tempation from Fruity Cake house. I wanted to buy White Chocolate M academia but SR decided to discontinued it. Hubby and I got kinda disappointed. 😦

I will try to have hubby snapped more photo during the potluck.. Especially those yummy yum yum. I tell you, most my friends cooks really well… And I always salute their ability to cook!!!!!

Xmas party here I come!! I would like to wish everyone a Merry Merry 2009 Xmas!!! May your “wish list” got discovered by Santa and he’ll come down your Chimney!!!!

From: Chris, Lynette, Manfred and Jude to everyone out there!!!!

Santa Claus is coming to town….

~You better watch out~
~You better not cry~
~Better not pout~
~I’m telling you why~
~Santa Claus is coming to town~

Xmas approaching!!! before I realize, it’s almost end of 2009!!!! All I wish for Xmas is so my family continued to be blessed with health, joy, happiness, and greater bond each year…….. Santa please grant me my ~XMAS WISH!~

Hope like singing all day long~~~~~~~~~~~~

What I did on Friday, saturday and sunday

So fast it’s sunday already! Since Friday is a PH and hubby doesn’t require to work. I am so so so happy and I just can’t wait to cross things off my list of TO-DO!

Friday morning hubby and I sneak out to McD for breakfast with Jude. I left Manfred home with father in law cause he had porridge for breakfast and I wasn’t confident with leaving Jude behind with maid and father in law only.

After breakfast, we head to Pavilion for shopping. We were to have brunch with hubby sis and bro-in law. We were planning to get Xmas gift shopping done too. We reach there around 11.30am and mind you the car park already full of CARS!!!! So I guess many many people already started their Year end shopping spree. We visited the Naza roadshow, and realize CK Jeans was on sale. Hubby bought some undies and I manage to grab a belt at half price.

Brunch was at La Bodega. I didn’t eat much cause I was still stuff after my McD breakfast. Manfred was in extremely good appetite as he ate pasta, toast, mushroom, omelette’s and chocolate(he kept open up sister in law bag and search for chocolate)

The decoration at Pavilion was very nice. We actually pass by Pavilion the week before when we were heading home from Hubby company annual dinner. We saw the sleigh ride right inf front of the main entrance. It was breath taking… I wish I can bring Manfred over to Pavilion to view the Xmas deco again at night.

Manfred loves seeing all the Xmas trees, but he is not so much of a “reindeer fan”. He repeatedly say “NO” when SIL ask him to touch or get near to the reindeer to snap photo.

We did our Xmas gift shopping in Parkson. We head straight to toy department. I had to get present for niece and nephew. Angelina wanted a baby so she could play “mommy” and Vincent request for a gun. We found right away what we pick from the Toys R us newsletter. And I even “helped” SIL pick present for Manfred. LOL she ask me to pick present for Manfred. So I pick a puzzle set.

Hubby and I decided not to get any present for Manfred cause he still have tonnes of toys from his birthday. So I came home on Sat night and wrapped 2 present from his birthday and stack under Xmas tree for Manfred. Cheap huh?! I dun scare who ever say I cheap lar… LOL

I had difficulty getting Jude’s present thou as the one I chosen in the newsletter was not available at parkson. So we left without Jude’s present.

Then on saturday we went shopping at MV. We again have to visit Toys R us to buy Jude’s present and this round I manage to get what I want. We were expecting to see Xmas deco up. But found an empty lonely centre court. So we thought it should be up following week.

Garden Mall deco was very nice thought.. lots of light, very bright and I like it cause it doesn’t have too many diff colours and the harmonize colours themes is exactly what I like..

We had dinner at delicious and I was very disappointed with the service, the food and did I mention the service? So conclusion is I won’t patronize delicious in MV anymore.

Nowdays when we dine out, I suddenly I realize I have to feed 3 persons. I have to feed Jude, Manfred and myself…. So end up I only eat very tiny bit of food. But it’s good cause then I can eat lesser and lose weight.. Jude didn’t want to be left out when we eat. So I have to keep feeding him with bread, and I found fresh avocado on my sandwich and I gave it to him in chunk.. Guess what, he is darn good eater!!!! He ate a lot of bread and lots of avocado….

Today we schedule to have brunch to celebrate MIL birthday. SIL chosen to have it in Dragon-I. Although my MIL always complain the food there expensive and not worth eating but today she happily go and eat and went shopping with us.

We reach MV 30min earlier than my in law, so we order rice for EM to eat first so she can take care of Jude when we eat later. She didn’t finish the rice I ordered and it pissed me off a little.. Coz I feel it’s such a waste, and I DUN WAN TO SUFFER NAG FROM my MIL coz she waste FOOD!!! So i tapau and told her she will have to eat it for her dinner!

I am kinda surprise as I was at MV the day before, overnight some of the deco is up!! although half, but I was excited!! We did have some photo taken, but all in BIL camera. Will try post it up when I got it from him.

After MV we had an appointment with a property agent. There’s is a new property in damansara perdana and hubby wanted to invest. We met with the agent at 2pm along with 2 of my friends. All of us each take up 1 unit.. it’s kinda hard to such a property at such price such location.. After viewing the unit, we were to have tea session with my friends. Manfred refuse to follow us and insist he want to follow SIL. So I let him follow SIL back to her place and I went ahead go yum char with buddy.

After 5pm, we went back to SIL place in Kuchai and wait for dinner time. SIL bought a giant 2kg mango! YUMM!!! SWEET!!! And my “tam jia” Jude again wallup lots of mangoes!!!! He is such a big eater!!! and such a food lover!!! I wonder he pick that up from whom?

Xmas Tree 2009

We got the tree up on saturday afternoon. This year color was gonna be purple. Got everything set up, Then realize it’s kinda dark and dull, then we went on get some more ornaments when we out shopping, Turns out to be better. I personally like it very much.

We still need to scout for presents and get it wrapped up to put under the tree thou. Niece and nephew had told me what they wanted. So yet to get time to go buy… hopefully by this coming weekend we could get everything done.

This year, including every previous year, whenever we want to put up the tree, my mil will ask us not to put up. The first year cause she say no one will keep the tree. We put up we clean up we pack up. 2nd year he say hard to keep Manfred’s hand off the tree.. the truth is, Manfred wasn’t really that into that tree.. This year again she say Jude will kacau the tree and etc etc. Then nag for whole afternoon.. *sigh* I just want to have a tree to add on the holiday season feel, make the children happy, and make myself happy.. like dat also cannot meh?

How i wish i have my own house where I can place any tree where ever I want!! LOL

Anyway, most important is… THE TREE IS STILL UP!! wakakakakakakakakakak