Since I started my naturally plus business, I been so so so much happier. My overflowing plates are spilling really but yet i have so much joy doing it, and not to mention the sense of fulfillment I get after being “just a mom” for the longest time(I felt only….)

I have tried to work between kids nap time, school run, weekend etx… And praise the lord! I wouldn’t say it was a easy breeze journey, and I won’t say it was hell of a bumpy ride either. But I can tell you everyday is a new adventure as most of time I do not know when I will be able to answer to a new inquiry I received now and then, or how am I going to have time to travel 50min to kl city centre just to get registration done and cart home the stocks and after that deliver it to my customers. But I often take 1 step at a time and always have faith that all will be well, and true enough. All is well. 

Today after carting the stock home and after dinner time, I left all 4 kids with hub while I quick dash to delivery! I was home less than a hour.  

 The pleasant surprise I find – a super dad! He got all kids showered, changed, including himself and now they sitting down watching YouTube singing their lung out, how awesome is that!!!!! 

Makes all the hard work so so so worthwhile..


She and I

 This little munchkin… She is so fun to be with when she is not demanding. If my dad is still around he would have so much fun seeing her.. She resembles some of the thing I did as a kid… Like pretend to be cool
  Like I was very very playful like I loves to eat donut…
   Like I loves to sleep with sunny on
LLike my dad used to bring me for a ride in his bike sans helmet 

 Like I loves to shop since young… 

 And i loves throwing everything on to the floor and act innocent 

1st post of 2016!

I saw this book during a mph visit. I just had to bring it home along with another few other books. It’s been a while since I last bought some books for myself.   


Whether we acknowledge ourself or not; whether people around us acknowledge us or not, we must remember, even a “cracked” pot is useful in its own way!  

Another fruitful Saturday 

  This is me, fresh and excited to start the day! Off to make the first delivery of the day before 9am, Jude and Nate and Chris was still in their dreamland. So I got Manfred and Noelle out of the house with me. Right after I drop off the stocks to a friend with a 4yogirl and almost 10mo twin girls, I quickly go to wet market to pick up the Pork that I ordered and some fruits.

Then we head to send manfred to his ukulele class. In between I was answering some inquiry on my phone, picking up another school pants for Manfred with Noelle while waiting for ukulele class to finish. The crowds at hyper market is just scary’! I was very put off by the Q and decided not to buy anything even thou their 3in1 coffee mix was on sales! 

 After that we go home and pick up the curry puff that I ordered for today seminar. Got home, shower Noelle and manfred and off we go! 
This is me with Jude! Changed and al

Set for today’s seminar in Naturally Plus office!  
 Traffic was bad due to lots of road closure but I managed to reach office albeit 35Mins late! 

Michael was sharing with us the bonus system. While earlier Patsy shared on super Lutein and Izumio and how the product has changed her life for better!  

While I was taking note of the seminar sharing, my kids were outside mingling with other kids and feasting! 

 Boy no wonder my boys behave so well! There were so much food  to make them happy!  


If you would like to know more about super Lutein and izumio, hop over to our Facebook page to know more and if you want more info, you can always do your independent research or ask me so u can be added to our Facebook group that is exclusively reserve for super Lutein and izumio users 

Little drama

  Morning partners! Ashton and Nate goes to school together. Week 2 and Nate starter to have drama. He skipped school on Monday and tue(we have doc appointment)  We agreed Wednesday he would go back to school.  He started to have drama again. Cried not wanting to go school. I shut the car door and bye he goes. He settled down after and started playing ice cream game with Ashton. 
My sis reported that reached school he cried not wanting to go school, he wants mommy again. Although he cried and reluctant, he grab his bag and walked into the school nevertheless. I know. It’s heart breaking to hear it. But it’s only fair if we persist and stick to the plan instrD of sending him mix signal it’s ok not to go school. 

 This is him in the car.. Eyes were red from the crying. 
But after school, he is still his bubbly self.. I believe he enjoyed school, just need some time to get used to the new routine. Since he started school 1year later than his siblings.. ūüôā best of luck to me and his morning transporter  

Naturally plus

I can’t believe a year fly by, and I have so little time to share about naturally plus with my blog readers. Again I put the blame on Facebook to make sharing so much more convenient and eventually causing me to neglected my blog(yes I’m playing the blame game coz I can) 

I been in naturally plus for close to 1year and it has been so rewarding. When I say I’m in business, one probably think I go see customers, meet prospect, conduct seminar, going to office etc. but truth to be told, those were not what I did. 

I merely tell everyone I meet on FB, WA, or face to face that there’s is this super Lutein and izumio from naturally plus. After doing it for a while, I was very surprise people that tried the product really are very satisfies with what it does to their body. Although 99% of the people I spoke to said the product is Expensive  in the beginning and they can’t afford to consume it Long term. After they tried, THEY WANT TO CONSUME IT LONG TERM! And want to enable whole family to Benefit from it too! A good product speaks for itself. And I can tell you no supplement can be made comparison to super Lutein and izumio. Not bragging. But I have done the research.. I can show you how why if u asked and if you are curious.

Izumio hydrogenated drinking water, containing a super-duper high concentration of molecular hydrogen, acting as a potent antioxidant that stops the proliferation of free radicals that causes diseases, and

Super Lutein, an all-in-one health supplement that contains 6 important carotenoids, 5 essential nutrients and 6 natural colorful pigments of fruits and vegetable extracts. Its task is to rebuild and regenerate new cells to replenish the old or damaged ones.

Female rambles 

Just early this week, I make a phone call to a lady aged over 50yo. She was a housewife most of her life. People from that time were mostly in family whom have many siblings, and most of time they struggle financially and most of them do not have the privilege to go to school and instead they started work very early.

So it’s not unusual for the female to get married at younger age if they can find a family better off. Often women from that time is “contented” with a roof over their head, and a warm filled belly. I said contented as not many I know was raised to DREAM, change their life and go after what they want. Most time they were taught to be submissive, be contented and be grateful. 

She was very proud to share with me how she finally drove by herself to a mall, and walk in a restaurant, ordered food and sit down to enjoy a lunch all by herself. It was no fine dining nor 5 star restaurant. But to her, it mean a great big deal to break free…. To go places on her own, without relying on “simon” who is willing to bring her there, to drop by spontenously for a cold shave iced if she feels like it. I was puzzled of course. How is driving to a place 15 min away from where she lives could bring such emotion of great achievement. It certainly doesn’t mean a big deal to me. But this time, I finally “hear” her.. She finally taken her big step, to believe she is worth it, she has a choice, she deserve to have what she wants, she can own it, she is powerful, she is beautifully, she is able…

Many won’t even know what I am talking about. This post is certainly not for the opposite sex. Feel free to skip, I do not welcome negative comment in this post. Thank you. 

I pray that many women that suffers will find comfort, confidence, support, courage and guidance and help in gaining independence. I pray for them to be strong, committed, giving and loving…..’to people

Around them, as well as themselves.