Female rambles 

Just early this week, I make a phone call to a lady aged over 50yo. She was a housewife most of her life. People from that time were mostly in family whom have many siblings, and most of time they struggle financially and most of them do not have the privilege to go to school and instead they started work very early.

So it’s not unusual for the female to get married at younger age if they can find a family better off. Often women from that time is “contented” with a roof over their head, and a warm filled belly. I said contented as not many I know was raised to DREAM, change their life and go after what they want. Most time they were taught to be submissive, be contented and be grateful. 

She was very proud to share with me how she finally drove by herself to a mall, and walk in a restaurant, ordered food and sit down to enjoy a lunch all by herself. It was no fine dining nor 5 star restaurant. But to her, it mean a great big deal to break free…. To go places on her own, without relying on “simon” who is willing to bring her there, to drop by spontenously for a cold shave iced if she feels like it. I was puzzled of course. How is driving to a place 15 min away from where she lives could bring such emotion of great achievement. It certainly doesn’t mean a big deal to me. But this time, I finally “hear” her.. She finally taken her big step, to believe she is worth it, she has a choice, she deserve to have what she wants, she can own it, she is powerful, she is beautifully, she is able…

Many won’t even know what I am talking about. This post is certainly not for the opposite sex. Feel free to skip, I do not welcome negative comment in this post. Thank you. 

I pray that many women that suffers will find comfort, confidence, support, courage and guidance and help in gaining independence. I pray for them to be strong, committed, giving and loving…..’to people

Around them, as well as themselves. 

Nate’s first day at play school

My little baby. He is the first one I truly treasure the most as a mother. I spoilt him a lot and showered him with most love, tender care, affection etc. there’s a reason behind it. And he turns out the sweetest boy so far.. I was told many time I’m very biased towards him… 

I was trying very hard to make him sleep earlier the night before. But he was wide awake even at 11.30pm despite both kor kor and mei mei already snoozing away….. I guess the excitement took over   He is all dressed up and going over to yi zhang house for his ride 
IIt’s must be very funny to see both in exact uniforms.. Nate was smirking away and refuse a proper photo

 He was awake by 6.30am but doze back to sleep after he was dressed.. 

Hehehehe my friend tease me that I did not even accompanied him to kindie despite his first day. Well, I know he will be alright. If he is not, he can count on me to dash to school at the first call I received. 😋

Bye bye 2015

While 2015 is drawing to an end, again, I couldn’t believe how fast time has passed once again. It seems like the earth is spinning at much faster pace each year. While I hope time could slow down a bit, but really that’s not a choice of ours to make. And I remember a saying in Chinese 快乐不知时日过。 it means happy time passes by real fast. So I guess the earth never really spin faster, my explanation would be because we are having an awesome good time so it feels like TIME IS FLYING! 

I can’t say 2015 is all smooth sailing but it’s been the greatest year yet! Lots of good things happen to us. There are some not so good things too, but we will choose to focus on the blessing that has been bestowed upon us and forget the bad. 

I thank you Lord for blessing us with a healthy baby girl, as well as 3 very precious princes! I pray that tjey will grow up to love each other so so much and always have each other’s back. 

I thank you Lord for HIS providence, be it opening up door to new opportunity, meeting new people, answering our prayer at our desperate time, be our pillar of strength when things seems to be falling apart.

Thank you for the guidance and wisdom which brings us to where we are today. I hope we will always be humbled and never forget our roots. 

I thank God for his blessing whereby I’m able to a stay at home mom to our beautiful children, while HE knows my heart longed for that recognition apart from being “just A mom”, HE leads, and HE shows the way and HE blessed me… Thank you for the little opportunity that HE opens for me. Thank you for the financial blessing, personal inner strength he given me, like-minded people that HE sents along the way etc… Million thanks doesn’t even adequate to express my joy and gratitude. 

Can’t wait for 2016! 

Important traits to cultivate 

I know most parents today find parenting is challenging. If you find it a breeze, congratulation! Truly happy for you. 

Well, I can’t actually say it’s a breeze, I think parenting job is not easy. It takes a lot on a person in terms of emotionally, physically and psychologically.. So I totally agreed when they say they are not exaggerating that parenting is tough. 

How many kids do you have? Well after we read so many parenting book like how to talk so your child will listen…. But is there a book that works for every child? I certainly have yet to find that book except the book of life which I referred to as BIBLE….

No I’m not preaching. Just expressing myself since it’s 2am and I’m wide awake for no particular reason…..  

    The 2 big boys have been refusing to take photos with me. This day they must be in extremely good mood.. I got a few shots! I miss their baby time when this 2 little growing boys gives me tonnes of headache… But they are still very sweet albeit handful
Fall asleep in my carrier when accompany me to attend Jude’s standard 1 orientation…

   We been hit! Real
Hard! By what? Star Wars lo.. 

Xmas 2015

Last year Xmas eve, we attended midnight mass like we always do. I was heavily pregnant with Noelle. When we reach holy rosary church at 10pm, Jude and Nathanael fall asleep.. Thank god we were with the whole crew. So my in laws helped to care for the sleeping and non sleeping child since I was only weeks from delivering. 

After the mass over, it’s past midnight, and we said 2014 will be the last year we attend midnight mass, with the number of kids growing, we will op to attend morning mass instead. This year, my FIL is not with us anymore, we won’t be going for midnight mass either. I remember each year after the mass, he would get very emotional and teared. Tears of joy and gratitude as God gave him another great year.. And he is called home to be with our creator now.. 

This year, we do not have any party at our house, we said we will be having one at my SIL new place.. My brother wanted to host one, so I helped him placed order and we had a simple get together makan session at his..  

We ordered a whole turkey from fresco jaya grocer empire, it’s very nice! Juicy and tender as oppose to the one I order previous year! It was very dry! My brother also ordered a whole turkey from hanks for another gathering he has with his friends and we have to cast our vote to fresco and it’s very well worth paying rm100+++ for That turkey. 

I have also ordered coffee bean canapés party sampler. I like coffee beans party pack as it’s very convenient, it comes with variety of selection, packed in a very convenient  packing and it’s not very expensive too! Of course I can make all of it, but I’ll be exhaust from minding the kids, stressing out and lost all the mojo to go to party and mingle. So I rather work a little harder and delegate and outsource. 

I also went to buy some dried fruits, warm nuts, Turkish delights that my friend brought in all the way from turkey. Dried apricot, dried figs, pistachio paste, almond, peanuts etc.. Surprisingly everyone loves that to go with a cup of coffee before and after meal.. And it’s fiber packed too! 

  These are some of the dried nuts and fruits I got for the party   

Baby shower 

I so so so need a good massage right now! Whole body is tired and sore from running up and down and trying to chase to finish what’s in hand!! Despite being really tired physically, I shall not complain as the lists are getting ticked off and means we are making progress.

Today I had a surprise baby shower party to go to. So I asked Chris to take the boys so I could just bring along baby and I can chat with my girl friends  

We eat and chat and played some silly games. Boy look at those soiled diaper! Don’t you think they look real?! It was heated up a bit so it even felt warm! Ahahah a silly things we do when a bunch of women get together. Can’t wait to meet baby Marissa and mummy Lilian is thrilled at the same time disbelief it’s happening anytime soon!