What’s that?


While we were drinking water in the car, M notice there Is something in the water bottle..

M: eh, what’s is that? Why got something one?

J: chia seed!

Do you know what is chia seed? It’s one of the super food. It’s tasteless and you can just add into your beverage. Any beverage. The nutritious value is great too!

Cheese & cracker

Manfred loves skyflakes crackers. I love it too. You can eat it plain or pair with Anything. Jam, cheese, or make appetizer like Smoked Salmon Canapés. ( Leslie Ling made this during our last gathering)603316_10151323830944490_196143293_n

Sil bought Boursin cheese during 2013new year party. It was delish! And I been wanting to buy it.

Manfred can’t wait! Right after his homework, he requested for it as his supper…


Melaka Food Frenzy 2010

WE depart from my parent house at 9.30am. Reached Melaka at 11.30am and we started off at Donald & Lily’s for Rojak, Nyonya laksa and cendol. The cendol is good! Lots of sago and great gula melaka!

Then we walk straight to Jonker street.. STratight to Jonker 88 for LAksa & Cendol. But I have to say, the cendol @ Jonker 88 not that good already. I tasted Cendol @ Melaka Raya & Donald & lily’s even better.. Again we go to Sam Shuk Kong for Durian cendol that the preggy lady craving for. I just tag along as I really not a durian dessert lover. WE were actually already stuffed by then. But the “challenge” is to stuff ourselves with good food till someone raise WHITE Flag..

WE have also planned to check out Khaki Coffee corner for their Shakerato. It’s double shot espresso shake with little sugar & Ice. Hub been bragging about it. I have to say it’s real good. LEt me know if you love coffee and would love to check it out. Non coffee lover like Billy and Jon also love it!

Nyonya cuisine is the next stop and refer to the pictures for the food we ordered. we went to nyonya Suan in melaka ray OF course CEndol is a must again. WE walk straight to the NAdeja for their famous Mille Crepe. We ordered Original, Tiramisu & Cheese Mille Crepe. FIrst time there and I have to say it’s worth trying out. At least not something I can find in KL Commonly.

Last but not least we shall not leave without eating the bunga raya Popiah. The branch in Bunga raya was closed when we went earlier. And I googled and found out they have a branch in NEwton food court and we proceed to try our luck there! And YEs we found it! Ta pau 6 popiahs and off we head back to Klang at 5pm from MElaka!

We are stuffed! Really stuffed and had fun too.. WE sisters been to Melaka together few occasions. PErhaps it’s the distance that is not too far and reasonably good food and catching up.. We shall be back again.. Together….

The Pineapple Tart that was lost, and now found!

2 years back, we had 2 trips down to melaka together with my sisters and their partners. It was a eat till you drop kind of trip. I miss it.

And I miss this particular pineapple tart that we discover even more. I never seen tart off this shape before. During that trip, we bought it to try and it was great. We bought only 1 box to try and been missing that flavour and taste for so long. We did go back after a while to revisit and look for that tart but it was gone. And I couldnt find it anywhere else.

During recent trip to JB and stopover at Melaka I found it!!!! They have a new bunting outside the store with pineapple tart picture on it and i recognize it. I stormed in and open up a box and start testing. (didnt even remember that I have to pay first) hubby was great to go cashier while i was chomping down the tart.

YES! This is the one we been searching for!!!! I bought 5! Yay! If you are pineapple tart lover and happen to go to Melaka, jonker street, try it out. Its really good! Even my MIL who is very picky also says it’s good.

Here’s a picture to show you how the tart look like. It’s patented according to the boss. That’s why no one else has done this. It’s not a paid post ya. I just want to share with my friends where to get good food!