Chitty chatter with J

At church. After the mass was ended, as usual I kneel down and say a brief prayer.

J: mummy, I say a prayer for ah Gong a.

Me: ok sure!( I been telling them to pray for ah gong’s soul so that he and Jesus would meet and Jesus can bring him to heaven)

I’m happy that they know they can
Pray and importance of it. And also a reminder that kids learn through observation more. And self note that to raise a kid that is prayerful and responsible, I must be prayerful and responsible myself.

On the other subject, I brought J to dental, we chat on our way.

J: I love Sunday school.

Me: so do you like going church?

J: yes I like.

Me: why do you like going church?

J:because I like Sunday school

Me: so when no Sunday school do you like to go church?

J: no!

*zha dou*



Scenario 1:

We sneak out to McD at night, not wanting to let my in laws know..

Me: kenot tell yie yie mah mah we go McDonald a.. After mah mah scold us..

*very Seng Mok never say Anythjng till when we back from McD.*

Jude: cannot tell mah mah we go McD ho… (In a loud voice!!)

Scenario 2: Manfred follow daddy to MV, Jude and Nate follow me home. I bought Jude chocolate sundae and told him not to tell manfred( not to hide but simply don’t want Manfred jealous)

M&J then speaks on phone…

Manfred: Jude just now I eat McDonald sundae..

Jude: mummy, I cannot tell kor kor I eat sundae ho??? (The whole conversation heard by everyone)

So where got secret one..

Jude says

Over the weekend, M&J played with their cousins V & A. Running, cycling, drawing, arguing, falling etc…..

Then SIL saw J’s coloring. He colored the people’s skin with black.


SIL: why you colour it black? Not beige colour meh?”

J: because she never scrub mah!

!!!!!! Only Jude will answer like that. We all had a good laugh. Don’t think I able to crack up such answer within snap of finger.

M&J ideas on God

We been regular to church for sometimes. The boys also in Sunday schools regularly since early this year. And we been making effort and commitment to have God as our centre of life by showing them example.

Their idea towards God, Jesus, church, heaven are all in pieces, and sometimes the things they tell u is confusing. Like they both will think the father that preach on Sunday mass is God. 😛 trying to explain to them but somehow they still think father is God.

They don’t exactly sit still during mass, or at least I assume they don’t listen to what father preach. But at times they surprise us by telling us what they hear during the mass.. Anyway they are only 5&3 yo respectively, I don’t expect them to sit real still at mass. So far they are doing well, adapting well in attending Sunday school, they haven’t give trouble to us, in fact they both need to be with a church member for 45min after their class dismiss while waiting for hub and I finish our RCIA course. They didn’t fuss also. I need to really thank lord for blessing us with a pair a very well adapted boys.

Today on the way to school, manfred suddenly blurred out:”

Manfred :mummy, God lives in a very very very big, very very colorful and beautiful house ho……..”

Me: yes, we cal it heaven.

Manfred: if I be very good boy, God will bring me to His house and live with Him

Me: 😉 yes u r right!

Manfred: and mummy and daddy and didi ho… But how do God bring us to His house?

Me: (feeling a bit challenge Liao) well, we don’t know how God will do it, but Only God knows when and how He will bring us to his house, so we just focus on being good, and share toys and love people ya..(phew.. I hope that is sufficient for now)

Manfred: ok

Jude: and God will bring yeye and mama to His house also ho…. And I got share toys with my kor kor!!

Me: yes darling..

So much of a conversation from home to school.. But I loving it.

Jude says

I think his greatest talent lies on the unimaginable stamina his tongue has. This fella can yak non stop. He just can talk, like really talk non stop, doesn’t matter if the things he said make sense or not, he just talks… NON STOP!

To my surprise, I suppose he can parrot anything we say, whether it’s in mandarin, cantonese, or bahasa malaysia…… Till………….. Today….


*Pointing at watermelon*

Me: Jude, what’s this?

Jude: Water lemon.

*What?! When did we said it was water lemon??!!*

Me: It’s Wa-Ter-Me-Lon!

Jude: *Confidently* Wa-Ter- LE-MON!

Me: *Eye balls gets bigger* Water


Me: Melon

Jude: Melon


Me: now say again watermelon

Jude: *Smilingly* waterlemon!


When will this stop?!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mind my words

Mind our words as kids pick up real quick. In my case, especially Jude.

While we were in the toilet taking shower,

Jude: mummy where here only 2 people, don’t have 4people?

Me: what do you think?

Jude: because they don’t want to see your face la…

Me: 😐

Jude accidentally dropped the Pail on the floor.

Me: Aiyah! You ah….

Jude: I trouble maker a?

Me: *speechless*