Catching a breather

We been so busy for the last few months, practically having program back to back every weekend. Due to busy weekend, it means my weekdays are busier too as I need to make sure all the marketing is done during weekend.

Super stress. But I can foresee after the month of April, things will be much better. In fact today we decided to stay home, do nothing. Do nothing means hub brings M&J out cycling early morning, and came back play football with them. While I snooze with N.. And later go to market.

M&J were super hungry by 12.30pm that without prompt, they went into kitchen and open up their char siew rice and polished it.

I had a chillax Saturday doing my chores slowly…. Having hub around does bring a sense of peace… He even made me my cuppa..


Passing on the passion

Hub is a die hard football/futsal fan. It has been this way since he was little, it has been this way since I know him, and it is still this way till now…

Every fathers dream, pass on their passion to their beloved son. He plays with them whenever he can, teaching them little tricks, or better still, tricks the boys whenever he can. Lol

Here is a little video of how hub drew a few spots on our wall (yeah, wall right in our room, I have learnt to let go and let them….) with numbers, and ask M to keep shooting the ball at spot no1.

Jude on the other hand, loves goofing around more now… Hahaha

*Clap Clap* for daddy

Last saturday, we had a lunch gathering with all my secondary buddies. We do meet up once in a while, but to get at least 80%attendace is not easy, not to mention this round is important cause Wendy from Aus came back for a short stay.

We met a Empire shopping gallery again,(don’t know how it became a spot where we will meet up, suppose it’s in the centre, so everyone from klang, to damansara to cheras can travel a little to meet) Too bad Empire got exploded few days later.

Well, it was saturday, And I was determined to have a good time chatting with my buds, no way i am tagging m or j along, so hub have to take care of them both. I would prefer them to stay home and do some craft, or reading… but daddy decided he wants to go for a movie. HM… daddy with 2kids, in cinema…. Honestly, I wasn’t quite easy with the idea as i fear he might lost one of them… and he might ended up not having his wife too.. 😛

Somehow he did it! They watch Johnny English in Pyramid. Came in piece, Manfred was especially well behaved. Jude requested lots of potty break during the show thou. DAddy said they both nap on the way home. They slept through till late afternoon… THey skip lunch thou, daddy realize they were both tired after the show and didn’t want to risk bringing them to restaurant and have grouchy boys.

I had good few hours grabbing a good lunch with the girls, and we even went for a coffee break. I had awesome good time and wish we could do it more often!

Splashing Good time

We promise to bring them swimming on Saturday. Some how we ended up in KLCC and shopped for longer than we planned and it was drizzling, so it was cancelled. And on Sunday morning after church and breakfast, M&J reminded us that we suppose to go swimming… (surprise they now actually remember what we told them and no escape for the parents already)

I am glad we did went! Although I was very under the weather and been having head ache the whole weekend. They had a great great time! Even hub loves swimming session with them. CAused they are both so confident that they can swim independently with floats and hub just stay close with them… ME? I just sit and nap occasionally…

WE are pleased that Jude is more eased when he is in water. He enjoys water play now. (There were one point he absolutely fear going to swim session and would cling to us like super glued koala)

Manfred we are decreasing the amount of air in the back float, trying to let him learn to swim with arm float only…. bit by bit and hopefully we could make it a at least fortnightly effort to bring them swim…

Treasure hunt-in the dark

Hub bought a torch that can be worn on the forehead. It cost RM20 and I sounded a bit cause I find to buy a “non toy toy” to children that cost RM20 is expensive. non toy toy don’t last the rough handling from 3yo and 18mths old boy.

I guess to convince me that it was indeed a justifiable buy, he came up with a game.. A game which later I agreed that it was a good buy. They play treasure hunt-in the dark. Hub will switch off light in our room, then take one of Manfred’s favorite toy car, then hide it somewhere in the room. 10seconds later, Manfred will come into the dark dark bedroom with his torch and start the search. He will zoomed to every corner of the room, commando crawl to peep below the bed and so on………

It’s really FUN! and educating! And he learn to be confident in the dark(with torch in his hand), he learn to be more observant with his eyes, use his body to move about and i could go on! It’s fun as every night he will ask daddy to play treasure hunt with him.

Jude on the other hand, gain from the game too, I will carry him in my arms and search together. Now he will know how to look around and join in the fun. Whereby he will scream in excitement and say :”I found it!”