Money money more…

This year has been the most stressful year to start off with. There are some changes are due throughout the year and I kinda trying to make the preparation and transition earlier. Maybe I was putting too much stress on myself.

Though stressful there are actually a few good things that happened. We have spent more family times together, have more plans. Hence it means we need more resources(monetary term). Wow! that sound like another stressful event for me.

Best of all, we have submitted our e-filling 3 weeks back and we should be hearing from them anytime soon.  Last year we burn night oil to do it cause it was the last last day to submit it or we could get fined. Not to mention late in getting our money back. If back then we knew about irs extension form, we could sleep and just wait a few day longer.

But this year, there really isn’t any reason to delay it, you heard of the easiest way of filing taxes ? I am sure you gonna like it! Now we just have to wait for our BIG FAT CHEQUE to come us.