A crappy tooth fairy 

Manfred was first born, he had almost perfect tooth fairy encounters. His tooth got pick up all the time. 

I have to confess. Jude was not as lucky. After twice. Tooth fairy was too sleepy, too occupied with other stuffs, fall asleep too early, woke up too late, jelly brain not working and hence Jude has a tooth that never got picked up.. He was “heart broken”…

But he did not lose hope. Last few days they both had a tooth that came off.. Today I will only show you what Jude wrote. 

Last few round when tooth fairy didn’t come, me as a lousy tooth fairy had to come up with excuse. Finally I said maybe tooth fairy don’t want ur teeth. They have not been brushed…😭it’s actually not funny because honestly the guilt consume me.. Like I neglected him.. I choked when I read this… Sad and guilty 

Can we have it all?

Can we have it all? 
When we welcome our 4th child (our very first girl) in Jan 2015, I have also started my Izumio business. I got the blessing from my hub to give me the green light. I only spoke and discuss with him because he was the one and only person most likely to say “YES”. Others mostly will brush me off by saying having 4 kids is already handful, how would you find time for other things.. 

Turns out, if we set our mind to it, everything is possible. Tuesday was the usual weekday where I spend my morning getting m&j ready for school, coaching homework, showering baby, preparing lunch etx.. 

Baby is very much into self feeding and so I let her and just clean up the mess after she finishes. This is typically monkey sees monkey do. She stuff her spoon into her mouth.. This is frown upon nevertheless mummy have to snap a pic as evidence before removing it from her mouth. 

We usually rush off to drop kids to primary by noon and fetch Nate back from pre school… This particular day Nate is so excited. He knew Izumio truck is coming to our house to deliver the Izumio and he been very cooperative….

These guys are really God sent as they save me from having to drive all the way to office and lug more than hundred boxes of Izumio into car with 2 young kids in tow. And what amazed me is they handle the boxes so well knowing how important it is to some people :) 

As curious as a child can be, he requested to climb into the truck, but the moment he is in, he was rather shy. 

During the time of loading and unloading these boxes, N and R walks in and out non stop! 

By the time M was back, he helped me to record down the stocks of both Izumio and super Lutein and pack it according to my list.

These will be send out for this coming week.. 

This is after all works are done… PLAY! 






如今,绿加利再度推出「识霸的最佳伙伴」–水素水,让识霸效果加倍,身体更有活力。 「识霸」可以让身体保持健康,而这种「水素水」将可以让身体进一步找回活力。绿加利这项新产品含有高溶解度氢元素的「水素水」,它是延续识霸健康概念所开发。




Since I started my naturally plus business, I been so so so much happier. My overflowing plates are spilling really but yet i have so much joy doing it, and not to mention the sense of fulfillment I get after being “just a mom” for the longest time(I felt only….)

I have tried to work between kids nap time, school run, weekend etx… And praise the lord! I wouldn’t say it was a easy breeze journey, and I won’t say it was hell of a bumpy ride either. But I can tell you everyday is a new adventure as most of time I do not know when I will be able to answer to a new inquiry I received now and then, or how am I going to have time to travel 50min to kl city centre just to get registration done and cart home the stocks and after that deliver it to my customers. But I often take 1 step at a time and always have faith that all will be well, and true enough. All is well. 

Today after carting the stock home and after dinner time, I left all 4 kids with hub while I quick dash to delivery! I was home less than a hour.  

 The pleasant surprise I find – a super dad! He got all kids showered, changed, including himself and now they sitting down watching YouTube singing their lung out, how awesome is that!!!!! 

Makes all the hard work so so so worthwhile..

She and I

 This little munchkin… She is so fun to be with when she is not demanding. If my dad is still around he would have so much fun seeing her.. She resembles some of the thing I did as a kid… Like pretend to be cool
  Like I was very very playful like I loves to eat donut…
   Like I loves to sleep with sunny on
LLike my dad used to bring me for a ride in his bike sans helmet 

 Like I loves to shop since young… 

 And i loves throwing everything on to the floor and act innocent 

1st post of 2016!

I saw this book during a mph visit. I just had to bring it home along with another few other books. It’s been a while since I last bought some books for myself.   


Whether we acknowledge ourself or not; whether people around us acknowledge us or not, we must remember, even a “cracked” pot is useful in its own way!  

Another fruitful Saturday 

  This is me, fresh and excited to start the day! Off to make the first delivery of the day before 9am, Jude and Nate and Chris was still in their dreamland. So I got Manfred and Noelle out of the house with me. Right after I drop off the stocks to a friend with a 4yogirl and almost 10mo twin girls, I quickly go to wet market to pick up the Pork that I ordered and some fruits.

Then we head to send manfred to his ukulele class. In between I was answering some inquiry on my phone, picking up another school pants for Manfred with Noelle while waiting for ukulele class to finish. The crowds at hyper market is just scary’! I was very put off by the Q and decided not to buy anything even thou their 3in1 coffee mix was on sales! 

 After that we go home and pick up the curry puff that I ordered for today seminar. Got home, shower Noelle and manfred and off we go! 
This is me with Jude! Changed and al

Set for today’s seminar in Naturally Plus office!  
 Traffic was bad due to lots of road closure but I managed to reach office albeit 35Mins late! 

Michael was sharing with us the bonus system. While earlier Patsy shared on super Lutein and Izumio and how the product has changed her life for better!  

While I was taking note of the seminar sharing, my kids were outside mingling with other kids and feasting! 

 Boy no wonder my boys behave so well! There were so much food  to make them happy!  


If you would like to know more about super Lutein and izumio, hop over to our Facebook page to know more and if you want more info, you can always do your independent research or ask me so u can be added to our Facebook group that is exclusively reserve for super Lutein and izumio users