Swim class update

This month, Manfred starts his beginner class. He was in basic for 3-4months. They learned water confidence & survival skill. In beginner class, Manfred starts on freestyle.

I notice beginner class is more energy draining as they basically do lots of laps practicing their stroke. (Baby laps of course).

Jude remains in basic class. He continues his water confidence and survival. He is working very hard to learn whatever teacher teaches him. Due to his height, he is way disadvantaged but he is so determined! There’s lots of new students in the basic class today. And J is seriously looking like the youngest and smallest chap.

So from this months onwards, we have be at the pool for 2hour plus. As M’s class starts at 10am, J’s starts at 11am. Good arrangement as one play one learn and vice versa. Little one is really busy walking by the pool, wanting to jump in.. Sorry N! Daddy is at work, u can get in the water nrxt week!

Swimming lesson


Manfred has officially started his swimming lesson. Today being his 2nd lesson. I was very relieved and happy after 1st lesson when he said he is willing to go again. And he seems to enjoy it. He still hasn’t gain his buoyancy control, but as I always believe, it’s always good that he finds it fun, best way to learn is fun play way..

They start by kicking water… Later on enter into the pool… Followed by “spider crawl”…. After that dunno Liao.. Mama report to baby sitting duty.

Jude might try one class next week. Lets see how.