Jude turn 3

Jude officially turn 3 on 9May2012. It was a weekday, we usually get the boys both skip school and have some family time. But it was exam week hence we have no choice to only let Jude skip.

I spent the morning Queuing in govt clinic for my pre-natal check up. Daddy mind both the boys and send manfred to school. I got home at 1pm and we let Jude open up his pressie from my sister. It was a scooter and he was thrilled beyond imagination.

Later we brought him to VIVA mall to spend time in the indoor playground. Honestly, I think he has kor kor with him his whole life, when he has the whole playground to himself, he was lost! Ahahahhahah

Later about 4pm we went pick up Manfred from school and we went catch the movie battleship in MV. Jude slept through the whole movie! Whose birthday is it anyway??

SIL purposely came to meet us in MV, and bring Jude to choose his birthday pressie. He told his gu ma he wants Lego. We came home later that night to blow candles for Jude and let him savor in all his new gifts.

Daddy spent time patiently guide Jude through the whole process of fixing that very tiny piece of Lego. I have to say, pretty Impressive with Jude’s tiny finger. He can handle the small block so well. The next day I did the Lego with Manfred and he was struggling to get the block fitted together.

It was a simple celebration. But Jude was treated with absolute special treatment. Cause he reportly told me he poured his poop on toilet floor and daddy forgive him coz it was his birthday. :p

We will bring them to water park again after exam is over. Water park was birthday boy request!


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